62 animals treated to FOREVER HOMES in October!

Look at this meow-gical moment! ✨ In October of 2020, we sent 36 cats and kittens to their forever homes!
Of these 36 cats and kittens we sent…
👯‍♀️ six bonded pairs
+ three FIV+ cats
💛 2 senior cats
…to their forever homes! Thank you for your constant support. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue to save homeless or abandoned cats and dogs in our community. Are we pushing to send 40 cats home in November? 🦃 Let’s see if we can do it!
We’re also going mutts for our dog and puppy adoption numbers! 🎉 In October of 2020, we were able to send 26 dogs to their forever homes!
Three of the pups that went home, Drew, Gomez and Ginger Ale (not pictured), you may recognize as our WRAL VIPs (Very Important Pups)!
From left to right: Fuji, Drew, Gomez, Fred and Gingerale.
Drew, Gomez, Fred, Ginger Ale and Fuji were living in a storm drain on the side of a busy road in early August. The puppies ran into the storm drain to hide from their rescuers. With food and water laid out for the puppies, one came closer and closer over the course of 2 hours until he could be leashed and pulled from the drain, but as feral kiddos, the rest of the puppies were too shy to be enticed out of the pipes voluntarily. Determined to save these dogs from a life of wandering the streets, struggling to find food and water, risking illness and injury, and having more puppies themselves, the diligent rescuers crafted a 50-foot “drain snake” that they could push through the pipes to gently nudge the remaining babies out. Victory! They were immediately transported to Second Chance Pet Adoptions to be cleaned, fully vetted and socialized before adoption.
Now, these pups are socialized, loved and ready to go into their forever homes! This is the pupdate we were hoping for after their rescue, and we cannot thank you all enough for helping us get there!
Drew and Gomez with their forever families!
To view the WRAL article, click here: https://www.wral.com/heroes-rescue-5-puppies…/19237697/

Thank you for helping us find forever homes for these animals!