Summer of Saving Foster Dog Challenge

Thank you for your interest in saving a dog’s life this summer!

It’s summer time and with the heat comes the summer sales! But these are not the type of savings we are talking about. During the summer months, high-kill shelters are often overcrowded with stray, abandoned, and unwanted animals.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions is looking for individuals or families to open their hearts and homes to needy dogs from July 19th until August 16th.  Second Chance will supply all of the medical services (vaccines, heartworm and flea preventative, microchipping, etc.), food, crate, treats, and other basic necessities. YOU provide a loving and safe environment for your foster dog from July 19th until at least August 16th. Our goal is to have your dog adopted before August 16th and in its forever home.  If your dog is not adopted within that time frame, you are welcome to continue to foster, or we can move your foster dog into another foster home.

Second Chance will carefully screen potential adoptive candidates to ensure a good match with responsible pet owners. Foster homes will be asked to provide photos (the cuter the better!) and a bio about your dog.

Sure, the beach is fun, but this summer, you could save a life!  So brag to everyone about what you did on your vacation and take the “Summer of Saving” Foster Dog Challenge!

Have questions or need more info? Please contact Allison at or call 919-521-2393.

Ready to help a homeless dog this summer? Please submit this application by July 13th: