Meet Dancer

Dancer is a beautiful girl with some rather specific needs.

When she first entered the program, we quickly learned she had some pretty bad anxities. We were having trouble with house & crate training because she was so nervous about being left alone. So we decided medication was needed.

The medication has helped so much. The one thing that is still important to know is that she refuses to crate and will do best in a home that will learn to trust her quickly and will leave things for her to chew on when alone. Being all alone is not good for her, having another dog is necessary. Having someone that is home all the time would be awesome for her, but in the foster home she is in now, that is not the situation. She currently lives in a home with a doggy door. This has been perfect for Dancer as she can take herself out to potty whenever she has to go, as well as allowing her the freedom to let her energy out by running laps around the yard at her leisure. While a doggy door is not necessary, a fenced in yard is. She is a big eater too! If she does not get enough food she will look for it on the counter and even in the refrigerator.

Wow, right? Dancer comes with some pretty specific needs. However, she is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Loves having her huge floppy ears rubbed while cuddling during TV time. Will sit for a treat if she sees it in your hand. She loves to cuddle at night time.

The road to becoming adoptable has been a long one for Dancer. She has come SO far since we pulled her from a rural shelter. Yes, she has a lot of needs in finding a forever home. But we know the right family will fall in love with this beautiful girl and her quirks will not matter to them. If you think you have the perfect forever home for Dancer then please fill out an application.
Adoption Application
BREEDHound-Hound (mix)
AGE2 years, 3 months
LOCATIONCanine Foster Home - CFHDME
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION*Housetrained *Current on shots