The Silent Auction is Officially OPEN!

The Silent Auction is OPEN for Bidding!

It is finally time…the Evening of Pawsibilities silent auction is officially open for bidding! All of our silent auction items are now able to be viewed, marked as favorites, and bid on! You can create your watch list and get to bidding, buying (snatch up those “Buy Now” items–once they’re sold, they’re gone!), donating, and voting for your favorite “Wags With Swag” entries!

Remember, every bid, every purchase, every donation, and every vote helps a homeless cat or dog get the second chance they need, deserve, and have been waiting for! They need YOU!

You can also now preview the live auction items, which can only be won by those at the event and those who are tuned into the free live stream via Zoom at 7:30 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, September 18! If you’re planning to bid remotely in the live auction, make sure you are registered (it’s free!) in order to receive the Zoom link!

And for those of you wondering about all those Wine Pull bottles you can see but can’t yet buy, don’t worry! Set a reminder for noon Eastern on Saturday, September 18th on Saturday, September 18th–the Wine Pull will open then!

The event program is now viewable as a PDF here! It has lots of handy reminders and info, and you’ll be offered a hard copy at the event. Remember, the silent auction, Wine Pull (opening at noon Saturday), and raffle ticket sales ($1,500 Visa gift card) all close at 8:30 Saturday night. The Wags With Swag voting closes at 8:00 Saturday night, and the live auction will take place in the venue at 7:30 Saturday night (that’ll be hard to miss!).

When you get your event ticket or register to bid from afar, it’s easy to enter the raffle for the $1,500 Visa gift card, too! You can add raffle tickets to your event ticket order or add raffle tickets to your cart (no check-out needed until after the event)!

Paw-pare Your Fur-mal Attire: The Evening of Pawsibilities is BACK!

The Evening of Pawsibilities Returns In-Person and With a Live Stream!

Second Chance Pet Adoptions’ 21st annual Evening of Pawsibilities returns as an in-person event at the newly-renovated Embassy Suites hotel in Cary on the evening of September 18. Join us from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. for a complimentary cocktail hour, dinner, and dessert; silent and live auctions; a Wine Pull (score a pricey bottle at a steal) and raffle (the prize is a $1,500 Visa gift card); and a photo booth and visits with furry friends! Brian Pate returns as our emcee and auctioneer this year.

For those who are unable to join us in-person, you’ll be able to register for free and purchase raffle tickets and bid in the silent auction as usual, but NEW this year, you’ll be able to bid in the live auction from home (or wherever you may be that evening) and get in on the fun through the professional 60- to 90-minute live stream coming straight to you from the venue Saturday night! (The stream is free to access, though anyone who makes a contribution towards the cost of the stream will be entered to win a $100 gift card.) As long as winners are able to pick up their items at Second Chance (or send someone to do so for you by Oct. 15, 2021, you can bid and win from anywhere in the world!

Whether in the ballroom or in the stream, we can’t wait to see you and yours at this life-saving fundraiser for the cats and dogs who’ll get their second chances to find love. Use the “Register” button to participate in one of two ways: as a bidder and live stream observer (free) or as an in-person attendee (tickets have early-bird pricing through August 15!). We appreciate your partnership in the fight to end animal honelessness!


A Special Announcement from Second Chance’s Leadership

To our partners in rescue:

I’m writing today to share some significant news with you. As a supporter of Second Chance Pet Adoptions, we wanted you to know that a charitable bequest has been left to our organization after one of our donors and cat adopters passed away in late 2019. The $800,000 Second Chance received from the donor’s estate will enable our staff, volunteers, and all of our supporters to make an even bigger impact on animals and pet guardians in our community in ways that further our mission to end animal homelessness.

Lisa Imhof, the Senior Director of Operations at Second Chance, and I have made a special video to share more information about how the Board of Directors (with the help of a newly-convened planning committee and advisory panel) will decide to allocate the new funds among the many options on the table right now (for example, expanding our current programs, changing out facility, and other ideas).


We have also created a special webpage with more info and links that you may find useful.

As the planning committee’s assessment of our options unfolds, and when the Board of Directors approves the committee’s recommendation for how to make the best use of this money, we will keep our community updated.

I want to emphasize that Second Chance has been entrusted with these funds because the donor had faith that our organization was the right agency for this money and that we would be able to deliver the impact she hoped to see. For that, we are so grateful to all of you: your investment in our rescue efforts has enabled us to save lives, and your support has put us in a position to be the recipient of a life-changing gift like this one. Thank you.

Since our inception in 1987, Second Chance has made–and continues to make–a real difference in North Carolina and beyond. Just 10 years ago, we found adoptive homes for slightly more than 300 animals. Over the last 12 months, we’ve placed 667 cats and dogs in local adoptive homes, transported an additional 145 dogs to find their forever families in northern states, and funded spay/neuter procedures for an additional 358 cats and dogs, for a total of 1,170 animals touched by the efforts you’ve made through your support. We’re proud to have essentially doubled our impact twice in the last decade and grateful that your help has made our community safer and happier for cats and dogs.

Still, data collected in 2018, 2019, and 2020 from shelters and rescues show that North Carolina remains among the top 3 states whose shelters euthanize the most animals; there is important work to be done. Last year, our programs cost around $700,000, and moving forward, all of these important endeavors will still continue through the regular donations that generous people like you make to Second Chance throughout the year. The bequest of $800,000 will be considered separate from our annual budget and will be used to forge a new path ahead, a plan we wouldn’t have been able to travel yet were it not for this special one-time gift.

We look forward to putting your continued donations of volunteer time, funds, and supplies to work for the animals, even as we manage a new, additional project thanks to this bequest. With your consistent support, we get closer to our shared vision: a day when all cats and dogs have the forever families that they need and deserve.

With gratitude,

Dave Ballesteros

President, Board of Directors

Second Chance Pet Adoptions


Independence Day Pet Safety Tips

Independence Day is a day for friends, sunshine, barbecues, and fireworks — and we’re sure you’ll want to include your fur babies in the festivities too! While it may be fun to spend the day with your dogs and cats, it’s essential to take into account what potential dangers may arise during Independence Day celebrations for your pet. We have prepared some tips to ensure that you and your furry friends have a fun but safe holiday!

Be Wary of Hot Pavement

Keep the ground temperature in mind! The ground is hotter than the air, and paw pads on dogs are sensitive to the ground below them. While asphalt poses the most significant threat to your dog’s feet, make sure to try the test below on all types of grounds: concrete, brick, gravel, etc.

THE 7 SECOND RULE: Press the back of your hand or bare foot against the ground for 7 seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

Avoid Feeding Them Table food

Try to avoid the urge to feed your pets table scraps or other food intended for people. Many common table foods (like grapes, raisins, and onions) are foods that people may not realize are toxic for their pets.

Watch for Signs of Overheating

Too much sun, heat, and humidity can be hazardous to pets. Keep them inside when it’s extremely hot. If they are outside, make sure they have plenty of cool, fresh water and have free access to shady spots. Please don’t leave them out for extended periods, and know the signs that your pet may be overheating, as well as what to do if you see it (click here).

Remove Debris From the Yard

During and after the celebration, check your yard for fireworks debris and picnic trash before allowing your pets to play outside. Debris could make its way into your yard even if you did not set off fireworks yourself. Curious animals may want to pick it up to play with or eat.

Don’t Leave Your Pet In The Car

Vehicle interiors heat up much faster than the air around them. Even with the windows cracked, a car’s temperature can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few minutes on an 85-degree day.

Keep Away From Toxic Chemicals

Insecticides, insect repellents, sunscreen, citronella products, and glow sticks — items commonly used on Independence Day — are indeed toxic to your pets. Make sure to keep them away from those chemicals!


More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year due to animals who panic and flee from the holiday celebration’s bright lights and loud noises. Let’s work to change these statistics! Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that the day is stress-free for you and your four-legged friends.

Update Their IDs and Microchips

Make sure to update your pet’s identification tags and microchips in case the worst happens and they escape through a cracked door, window screen, etc.

Keep Your Pets Secured in Your House

Make sure your house is truly safe and secure. Walk your dog before the fireworks begin and keep them inside the house. Lock all doors and windows to ensure there is no panic escape route for your pets if they get startled.

Consider Behavioral Therapy

If you know that your pet is naturally anxious and will most likely become very stressed from the loud sounds of the fireworks, talk to your vet about potentially receiving calming medication to help ease your pet’s anxiety. You may also want to look into products like ThunderShirts to help with sudden loud noises.

Distract Them

Offer your pets a special chew or toy to distract them. Turn on the TV or (calming) music to help mask the loud noises happening outside. Provide a bed or crate where they feel comfortable.

Draw the Curtains

Light flashes and flickering can escalate your dog or cat’s anxiety. Minimize exposure to fireworks flashes by blocking windows or taking your pets to a room with limited windows. Turn on the lights in your house to decrease the contract of light changes.

Act Normal

Go about your routine as much as possible. Since pets take cues from their humans, your anxiety could heighten theirs. Do your absolute best to continue with your evening as if it is no different than any other day.


With these tips and tricks, we are confident that you and your pet will have a happier, safer Independence Day!

Second Chance Pet Adoptions has reopened to the public!

On June 1, 2021, Second Chance Pet Adoptions officially reopened to the public! We will be open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will continue to operate on Saturdays by appointment only for approved adoption applicants.

With the announcement of the new CDC and North Carolina guidelines, we are lifting the mask requirement within the adoption center for those who have been fully vaccinated. Please see the CDC definition of fully vaccinated here.

If you have not been vaccinated, are in the middle of your series, or are still in the 2-week post-vaccine time frame from your second vaccine (for Pfizer/Moderna) or single vaccine (Johnson & Johnson), you should continue to wear a mask and follow CDC guidelines to continue to protect yourself and others. See CDC precautions here.

If you have been vaccinated, but are not yet comfortable going mask-less, or if it has been recommended by your doctor to continue to wear a mask, you are more than welcome to continue to wear one. Masks have been effective in preventing transmission of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses, so with the relaxation of mask mandates, we do ask that anyone who is feeling ill, for any reason, please stay home. Hand-washing protocols will still remain in place.

We will see how things go, but we reserve the right to reinstate the mask policy, should infection numbers rise.

We want to thank everyone for wearing masks and following guidelines over the course of the last 14 months. We know that is has not been fun, but we appreciate your help in keeping yourselves and others safe!

We cannot wait to see you soon!

Hearts to Home: Pluto’s Happy Tail!

Our Hearts to Home Transport program was established in November of 2017. This program focuses on rescuing animals from overcrowded shelters here in the south and bringing them to much emptier shelters in the norther states where they can find forever homes. Pluto, now Tucker, received his second chance at life thanks to this program.
In October of 2020, Pluto sat in a cage at the shelter alone, confused and scared. He appeared to have been someone’s dog, but unfortunately, no one ever came forward for this sweet, beautiful malamute mix. After one of our partner rescues, Puppy Paws Rescue, heard of him, they immediately committed to his safety.
We were not be able to transport Pluto until Halloween, so we needed a place for him to stay for two weeks while awaiting his journey. This is where our wonderful transport fosters come in! Thanks to one of our fosters for stepping up, Pluto would be able to spend two weeks with a loving foster family until it was time for him to make his trip up north.
Today, Pluto (now Tucker) is doing well and has found a forever home in Maryland. He has a new favorite ball and loves sleeping in the middle of the bed with his people. We have no doubt that this is exactly where he was supposed to end up, and we were able to make this happen with the commitment of our transport fosters and Hearts to Home transport program!
We are currently in need of more transport fosters, so we can continue to create happy endings for dogs like Pluto! Fosters in our transport program are asked to house their foster dog until s/he makes the journey to our partner rescue up north; this is almost always a short stint between 10 and 20 days.

Do you have two weeks to save a life?