Second Chance Pet Adoptions

By filling out this form you are providing information to Second Chance regarding a cat or kitten you wish to place into Second Chance. Submittal of this form to Second Chance does not guarantee that the stray will be accepted into our program. Second Chance’s focus is on rescuing stray and abandoned animals, and the surrender of personal pets will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The only exception to this is if the cat was previously adopted from Second Chance, as Second Chance makes a lifetime commitment to our animals and will automatically accept the surrender of any of its previous residents.

In order for a cat to be accepted into our program, they must not be feral. All cats will be evaluated at the time of intake and may be rejected for admission if fractious or poorly socialized.

A “found pet” posting on must be made (with photo of cat) and either a copy of the posting or the posting number must be provided to Second Chance upon intake of any stray animal.

If you have not placed a “found pet” posting for this cat, please do so before submitting this form.

Stray Cat Request Form (* = Required)