“$30 for 30” Over Halfway to Goal–Help More Animals Like Ms. Beasley!

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$4588 raisedTHANK YOU to the donors who’ve gotten this party rolling! Just a few days into the campaign, we are already over HALFWAY to our goal of $9,000! 


Your gifts, large and small, help us provide the food, shelter, and medicine our cats and dogs need to survive and thrive while they wait for their forever homes.






We found Ms. Beasley, then a 5-month-old shepherd mix, in an overcrowded shelter this past winter. Her growing body was colder than most–a terrible case of mange had robbed her of her fur coat. Through her thin hair, we could see her red and scabbed skin.


Ms. Beasley - a Second Chance puppy


Ms. Beasley was a timid puppy, and obviously suffering, but she wanted to be touched nonetheless. She slowly scooted over to Dave, president of our Board of Directors, and put her head in his lap. She let him pet her and licked his face in gratitude.


Thanks to the medical treatment we were able to provide through your gifts, Ms. Beasley soon showed obvious signs of progress. Her inflamed skin began to cool off, the scabs on her face were no more, and the cute sweaters that supporters like you have donated kept her warm as we moved into spring. During each quick visit from her foster home to the Adoption Center, we received gentle licks of gratitude.


Ms. Beasley's mange is healing


Within a few months, Ms. Beasley’s skin had healed–and so too, it seemed, had her spirits. Her foster mom, Tanya, learned that Ms. B. made a great companion when out and about, enjoyed meeting other dogs, and had an equally great time playing with her toys at home. At long last, Ms. Beasley was healthy, comfortable, and adoptable. She went home with her new mom, Sandi, in June.


Ms. Beasley adoption profile photo


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