An Update on Melvin: Rescued by Us, Supported by YOU!

AN UPDATE ON MELVIN: Rescued by Us, Supported by YOU!


Those of you who have followed along with our website and social media updates over the last week are familiar with Melvin’s tail… er, tale: standing frozen on the side of busy Highway 1 during the morning commute, Melvin was spotted by a Second Chance foster mom (and adopter!). She turned the car around and went back for him, and he was found to be in significant pain, incapable of moving. He likely had been bumped by a car, injuring or possibly breaking bones in his hind end.


This member of the Second Chance family rushed him to Second Chance, and we rushed him to an animal hospital, honestly unsure if would make the drive over. We were confident that this elder pup (probably a man of 13 years) had an owner, despite lacking tags and a microchip–how could this old fluff be alone in the world? We put out the call on social media and our website that we had him in our care, and you shared the post to thousands and thousands of locals in the area. Still, no one stepped up to claim him.


But you stepped up. We added a donation link for those who wanted to chip in for his hospital bills, and you came through. Meanwhile, Melvin received fluids and was given an x-ray. He had no broken bones, so we put him on a pain-management regimen and brought him home, questioning what the next few days would hold. Would someone who had been looking for their dog find him? Would the pain medicine be enough to work off what might just be some soreness, or were there other issues that would reveal themselves?


Melvin (here with Ruth, one of our diligent volunteers and a Second Chance adopter) pulled through and he’s healing up at Second Chance today. He’s a chatty fella, happy to welcome visitors and soak up affection. We’re enjoying his little quirks, like the way he rubs up against bushes outside to scratch his back, and we’re eager to see the day when he goes home with a new owner.


This late in his life, Melvin is being given a second chance because he could count on you. Yet there are other dogs (and cats) out there, waiting for someone to pull the car over, hoping for someone to give them the medical care they need, and desperate for love, a home, and a family to call their own. Please save their lives today with a gift in honor of our 30th Anniversary!




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