Second Chance Rescues Stray Dog, Provides Medical Care, Searches for Owner

 URGENT!  ***Searching for possible owner–please share!*** One of our foster parents saw this dog standing completely still on the side of Highway 1 near Jordan Lake yesterday morning (August 23, 2017). She took an exit and looped back around, reaching him about 10 minutes later and finding him completely still then as well. He has no tags or chip, but we are calling him Melvin, and he appears to be around 13 years old.



He has a lot of pain in his hind end; preliminary x-rays do not reveal any broken bones, but it is possible he was bumped by a car and that further examination will reveal a fracture once we are able to move Melvin into a different position. We hospitalized him overnight and pushed fluids; he is eating and drinking today.


In the meantime, if anyone knows this dog, please get in touch with us! And, if you would like to donate to Second Chance to help support the bills we are now incurring and, should no owner be found, the care he will receive in our program until healed and adopted, we would super appreciate it! Donations can be made here