Second Chance Rescues 4 Dogs from Asian Meat Trade

In April 2019, a Second Chance foster parent connected our Dog Program Manager, Laura, to a rescue organization based in California. This particular nonprofit transfers dogs between a third rescue organization in South Korea and their own in the United States—dogs that have been saved from the Asian meat trade. There, those who eat dogs believe that adrenaline produces tender meat and that eating muscle created under stressful situations has increased health benefits for the person consuming it. Dogs, therefore, are tortured before their death: electrocuted, burned, nailed to the wall with nail guns, and worse.

When Laura spoke with the staff at the CA-based rescue, she mentioned that some of our foster parents specialize in feral and shy dogs. It was then that the staff in California revealed that they had a few dogs who could really benefit from our help, as the rescue had had them for 12 months and had made little progress with them due to the other demands on their resources. They offered to fly 4 dogs to Raleigh at no cost to Second Chance, at which point we would take them into our program and lovingly rehabilitate these special souls.

Second Chance is now home to Arya (formerly Stacey), Belize (formerly Bailey), Laurel (formerly Cancun), and Maple (formerly Caly); all are approximately 2-4 years old. Arya had never been touched or walked in California—when she arrived, she was given a crate that was left open so she could enter and exit as she pleased, but she did not emerge for 4 days. Belize had been rescued with 15 other dogs—all had been adopted but her. She loves playing with dogs but is very timid with humans. Laurel and Maple were rescued together and were shut down for months, just sitting without moving—while Laurel had made some progress in California (though the staff and volunteers could not pet her until just a few weeks before her trip to Raleigh), Maple was far more terrified and had only been able to participate in about 3 walks with her handlers in California.

This special group of dogs has a long way to go before they will be ready to find their forever homes—but already we are seeing them open up, bit by bit, in the safety of their foster homes. Until they are ready to be adopted, we will give them food and shelter; toys and treats; medical care and monthly flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives; and a reason to trust the human beings who offer them love, time, and patience.

It is because of you that we are able to commit to dogs like Arya, Belize, Laurel, and Maple. We know that you will be in their corner throughout this journey, sending the donations that sustain long-term care as they work through the challenge of a new beginning. Every dollar you send gives them the second chance they desperately needed—and deserve.