Love Keeps Us Warm
Dec. 23 Update: We are amazed and humbled by our wonderfully supportive community who helped us reach our goal of $20,000! We appreciate each and every donation that got us there. If you haven't yet made a donation for the animals and would like to be our partner in rescue efforts, this page and donation form remain active, as it's not too late--each dollar raised translates to more animals helped in 2017. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and happy holidays to you and yours!

Have you ever driven by a home that’s just been vacated and seen a pile of discarded furniture and garbage left at the street by the people who moved out? This past summer, a good Samaritan walked past a similar pile of junk in their neighborhood and couldn’t believe what they heard: the pile of trash was crying. There, tossed out with everything else the former tenant didn’t deem worthy of bringing to a new home, sat a single pet carrier with two cats crammed inside. In time, the 2-year-old brothers would be picked up on trash day—if they survived that long.

The boys were brought to a high-kill shelter. The shelter staff could see that they were sweet, laid back…and very bonded. Would they be able to find a forever home together? This question would have to be answered quickly, as space was at a premium.

Thanks to the support you’ve given us, when Second Chance Pet Adoptions took in the boys we named Slater and James Bond, we were able to save four lives that day. That’s right—we rescued the boys together and freed up two spots for two more animals in the shelter. After Slater and James Bond were neutered and declared healthy, they moved into one of our community cat rooms together, receiving plenty of attention as the snuggle-bugs they were. It was here that they met Zach, age 15, and his mother, Melinda—and one person’s trash became a whole family’s treasure. In their loving new home, the boys were renamed Winston and Wilson, shedding their old names along with the worry they’d ever be cast aside again.

So far in 2016, we’ve placed 405 pets in their new homes, a number that is up more than 15% from this time last year. Winston and Wilson are safe now, but there are many more animals who will be out in the cold this winter, wishing for the warmth a family can provide. With your continued support, we can seize the opportunity to grant homeless cats’ and dogs’ holiday wish: to have a home and to know a family’s love. Invest in Second Chance today before the weather gets colder by making a contribution by mail or on our website, and your gift will warm an animal’s life with love.

Slater Before

Winston (formerly Slater), at a high-kill shelter in June

Zach Carter

Winston and Wilson snuggled up with their human brother, Zach, and canine brother, Carter, in their new home

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Dave Ballesteros

President: Board of Directors, Second Chance Pet Adoptions

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