Meet Lucy

Lucy was dropped off at Second Chance Pet Adoptions in the Summer of 2014.  Lucy was about a week away from having her puppies, but only days away from being euthanized in a high-kill shelter in North Carolina.  When she came to us she was scared, filthy, and alone.  Lucy deserved a Second Chance.

With the help of our loyal donors, volunteers, and staff Lucy was able to be cared for and have her puppies.  Now happy and in her forever home, Lucy is living quite the queen’s life.  And her puppies?  All were healthy, happy and CUTE!  All were adopted and are in their forever homes!

At Second Chance Pet Adoptions we believe that homeless cats and dogs deserve a Second Chance.  Please donate today so we can continue our mission.


Second Chance Pet Adoptions is the oldest no-kill rescue organization in Wake County. At Second Chance, our mission is to champion homeless cats and dogs who are healthy or treatable in the quest to find their forever home and engage with our community to promote responsible pet ownership-ultimately reducing future generations of homeless animals.



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