Do you have $5 for stray and abandoned animals?

Please help me reach my

GOAL: $75,000

Raised: $67,956.70 online and offline as of  5/13/2024

A note from Tim (or, click HERE to watch my video message):

As many of you know, I’m a HUGE animal lover. As a man of few words 😉 I have many ways I wanted to say this, but I’m gonna keep it short: I volunteer with a great animal rescue, Second Chance Pet Adoptions, in Raleigh near where we live. (Click HERE to learn more about Second Chance.) I am taking my love of animals to a greater level.

Everyone has a calling in life. I believe mine is to save animals.

Second Chance has set up this separate page for me on their website for a fundraiser I am starting: “HTSA,” or “Help Tim Save Animals.” I am asking people to donate $5 each (or more if you’d like). I am looking to get 1 million people and/or companies to do so, with an ultimate goal of raising $5 million.

This funding will go toward expanding our rescue operations and the transport of adoptable animals from shelters who normally would not meet a very good fate. I need your help please. It’s important that my cause is spread around to as many people as possible so we can achieve this goal: SAVING DOGS and CATS! 🙂

There is a safe link on this webpage for you to donate through; please share this with everyone you know.

Now, I have to get back to saving my little buddies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. – Click here to see a video of me, years ago, in my early animal-saving days. I don’t want to brag, but I was pretty quick in my younger years. 😉

Don’t forget: adopt a shelter pet! 🙂

Thank you to our donors, including:

A. B. (Rock Island, IL)
Adam (New Boston, IL)
Amanda (Rock Island, IL)
Amber (Rock Island, IL)
Amy (Cary, NC)
Amy (Chicago, IL)
Angela (Slidell, LA)
Anne-Marie (Willow Spring, NC)
Anonymous Local Business (Cary, NC)
Ashwin (Durham, NC)
Austin (Cary, NC)
Azita (Naperville, IL)
Bill (Buffalo Grove, IL)
Bob (VA)
Bob (Raleigh, NC)
Bob (Wrightwood, CA)
Bonnie (Elma, WA)
Bonnie (Mazon, IL)
Brian (Raleigh, NC)
Brittany (NC)
Candice (NC)
Carla and Sidney (Cary, NC)
Carmella (Jacksonville, FL)
Caryn (Cary, NC)
Catherine (Cary, NC)
Cathy (Raleigh, NC)
Cheryl (Cary, NC)
Chester (Raleigh, NC)
Chris (Holly Springs, NC)
Chris (Norridge, IL)
Christine (Chicago, IL)
Chuck (Fort Mill, SC)
Cindee (Minooka, IL)
Cindy (The Villages, FL)
Clay (Cary, NC)
Colin (Chapel Hill, NC)
Colleen (Chicago, IL)
Cynthia (Wildwood, IL)
Dan (Cary, NC)
Dan (Durham, NC)
Dave (Wake Forest, NC)
Dave, Carol, and Tim (Cary, NC)
David (Cary, NC)
David (Moline, IL)
Dawn (Cary, NC)
Deb (Naperville, IL)
Debra (Tinley Park, IL)
Debra (NC)
Denise (Island Lake, IL)
Diane (East Moline, IL)
Dianne (Cary, NC)
Donna (Chicago, IL)
Donna (Northlake, IL)
Donna and Will (Raleigh, NC)
Elfie (Laa an der Thaya, Austria)
Emilie (Chicago, IL)
Eric (Moline, IL)
Erica (Willow Spring, NC)
Frances (Three Oaks, MI)
Frank (Apex, NC)
Gary (McHenry, IL)
Gene (Apex, NC)
Gerry (Apex, NC)
Gina (Wake Forest, NC)
Giselle (Denver, CO)
Gregory (Chicago, IL)
Hannah (Wake Forest, NC)
Heather (Cary, NC)
Heather (Wilmington, NC)
Hedda (Cary, NC)
Ilene (Des Plaines, IL)
Irene (Rockford, IL)
Iris (Baltimore, MD)
Jackie (Cary, NC)
James (Chicago, IL)
Jamie (Wake Forest, NC)
Janice (Apex, NC)
Jen (Chicago Heights, IL)
Jenn (Raleigh, NC)
Jenni (Garner, NC)
Jessica (Chicago, IL)
Jim and Irene (Glendale Heights, IL)
Joan (Atlanta, GA)
Joe (Cary, IL)
Joe (Hillsboro, OR)
John (Chicago, IL)
Joyce (Winter Springs, FL)
Joyce and Patrick (Chicago, IL)
Judy (Palatine, IL)
Karen (Paw Paw, MI)
Karl (Colorado Springs, CO)
Karl (Cottage Grove, MN)
Katherine (Kansas City, MO)
Kathleen (Chicago, IL)
Kathleen (Knoxville, TN)
Keith (Midland, NC)
Kelly (Oxford, NC)
Kelly (Apex, NC)
Kevin (Cary, IL)
Kevin (Elmhurst, IL)
Kevin (Lombard, IL)
Kevin (Worth, IL)
Kim (Calabash, NC)
Kristin (Fuquay Varina, NC)
Larry (Chicago, IL)
Larry (Arlington Heights, IL)
Laura (Franklinton, NC)
Laura (Raleigh, NC)
Leo (Streamwood, IL)
Linda (Chicago, IL)
Lisa and Dave (Raleigh, NC)
Liz (Chicago, IL)
Liz (Arlington Heights, IL)
Louise (Elmhurst, IL)
LuAnn (Chicago, IL)
Lynette (NC)
Lynne and Larry (Chicago, IL)
Marcy (Chicago, IL)
Maribeth (Dublin, OH)
Mark (Homer Glen, IL)
Mary and Bob (Silvis, IL)
Maryann (Raleigh, NC)
Matthew (Oxford, NC)
Matthew (Apex, NC)
Maureen (Cape Coral, FL)
Meech (Lombard, IL)
Megan (NC)
Melissa (Wake Forest, NC)
Michael (Aurora, IL)
Michelle (Fuquay Varina, NC)
Mike (Chicago, IL)
Mike (Moline, IL)
Mike (Raleigh, NC)
Mitch (Cedar Falls, IA)
Monica (Davenport, IA)
Morris (Springfield, IL)
Nick (Cary, NC)
Nikki (Minooka, IL)
Nina (Rock Island, IL)
Pat (New Abbey, Scotland)
Patrick (Lombard, IL)
Patti (Skokie, IL)
Pete (Garner, NC)
Rachel and Derek (Raleigh, NC)
Rene (Cary, NC)
Rich and Diane (Youngsville, NC)
Rick and Laura (Ormond Beach, FL)
Robyn (Destin, FL)
Sandra (Moline, IL)
Sandra and Thomas (Chicago, IL)
Sandy (Chicago, IL)
Sarah (Raleigh, NC)
Scott (Cary, NC)
Scott (Raleigh, NC)
Scott (Wake Forest, NC)
Scotty (Cary, NC)
Shannon (Raleigh, NC)
Shauna (Holly Springs, NC)
Sherree (Chetec, WI)
Shilpa (Cary, NC)
Sondra and Garrett (Cary, NC)
Stephen (MI)
Sue (Rochford, SD)
Susan (Campbell, NY)
Susan (Las Vegas, NV)
Tamela and Ira (Holly Springs, NC)
Ted (Tinley Park, IL)
Thomas (Rock Island, IL)
Tiffany (Cary, NC)
Tim (Carlinville, IL)
Tim and Sue (Cary, NC)
Todd (Holly Springs, NC)
Tom (Cary, NC)
Valerie (Apex, NC)
Victoria (Wilmington, NC)
Vikki (Barrington Hills, IL)

Why is there pie on my face? Click my photos to find out!

HINT: YOU can donate today to put more pie on my face!

Tim has received donations from 38 states! Can YOU fill in the blanks?

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Donations to my campaign have been made in loving memory of

Tank, Murphy, Gus, Cody, Dolly, Sam, Tags, Huey, Kei Kei, Westie, Rogi, Spinner, Dory and Buttercup, Dorothy Lorah, Angela Clark, Mary Bell, Gloria Scherrer, Kerry George, Edward “Monroe” Hudson, Linda Best, Janie Field, Irene Frank, Michael Keefe, Ed Borkowski, Gregorio Acevedo, Tom Ohlweiler, Ingrid O’Hern, Don and Helen (“The Frog Lady”) Claypool, Gracie, and Reggie.

In addition to family and friends, my fundraiser has benefited from the generous support of:

Thanks for supporting Tim’s efforts! Click HERE to visit the rest of Second Chance’s website, where you can view adoptable animals and learn more about the organization.