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It’s Caturday Saturday!


Happy Caturday with Sela!

  Happy Caturday! It’s our second Cat Adoptathon in “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month, and today, we’re featuring Sela! Sela is a sweet and chirpy 1-year-old girl. She’s very talkative, especially if you’re giving another cat more attention than her! 😏 Still, Sela’s temperament is very mellow and laid back. If you’re interested in Sela, […]

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Happy Caturday! June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month!

  Happy Caturday everyone! In just a few minutes, our first Cat Adoptathon of “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month will kick off! Come on down to the Center to see all of our adult cats and foster kittens! Wanna read their profiles first? They’re all listed right here! It’s time to meet your new furry […]


Happy Caturday with Clay!

Yep, it’s a holiday weekend, but our Cat Adoptathon is indeed happening today (it’s Caturday, after all!). Come on out by 4pm to meet our featured kitty, Clay. Clay is a mature, independent guy who is loyal to the end–once you’re good in his book, you’re good for life! He is very affectionate with those […]


Happy Caturday with Lambert!

Happy Caturday! Our featured Adoptathon kitty is Lambert. This adorable little boy is a total cuddle bug. This one-year-old boy gets along with other cats and even dogs. Lambert is shy at first but will quickly warm up to anyone willing to pet his head. If you’re interested in meeting this sweet guy stop by […]