Family Reunion

Second Chance Pet Adoptions 2017 Racing for Rescues

DATE: Sunday, May 7, 2016
TIME: 9:00am to 12:00pm
LOCATION: NC State Centennial Campus, Raleigh NC

Join us Sunday, May 7, 2017!

Second Chance Family Reunion

As we begin celebrating our 30th anniversary, we kick off the festivities at Racing for Rescues with the Second Chance family—especially those who have adopted from us, supported us, and volunteered for us!

Our 2017 Racing for Rescues event marks the start of Second Chance’s 30th anniversary celebration! Since 1987, Second Chance has helped more than 12,000 cats and dogs find their forever homes, so to celebrate, we’re hosting a Family Reunion for all of the furry families Second Chance has helped create over the years.

The Family Reunion will take place on May 7, 2017 as part of the 5K. The reunion is open to all members of the Second Chance family – if you’ve volunteered with Second Chance, adopted a pet through Second Chance, receive or emails or follow us on social media, or have simply attended one of our events, you are a part of the Second Chance family! We need your help to kick off our 30th Anniversary celebration!

So bring your pets and join us for the Family Reunion, where you can:

  • Receive a commemorative t-shirt (guaranteed only for those registered for Racing for Rescues or the Family Reunion by the end of the day on April 24, 2017, so register now!)
  • Have your picture taken with your pet (and order a special commemorative engraving of your photo on a tin plate if you’d like!)
  • Post pictures of your Second Chance pets (past and present) on our Family Tree bulletin board
  • Get a free Second Chance bandanna for your pet
  • Pick up brand new, limited-edition 30th Anniversary merchandise, like t-shirts, pet gear, and coffee mugs
  • Share your story of adopting your animal from Second Chance or becoming a dedicated Second Chance volunteer in our video booth
  • Be a part of the largest pet family photo on record!

If you’ve already registered for Racing for Rescues, then you’re all set – no need to also register for the Family Reunion. While we’d love to have as many people as possible running the 5K or walking the 2K courses, if you’d like to join us for the Family Reunion without participating in Racing for Rescues, all you need to do is register here.

Don’t forget to bring a picture of your Second Chance cats and dogs (past and present) to post on our Family Tree! We can’t wait to celebrate all of the fur families Second Chance has brought together during the past 30 years!

Second Chance Family Reunion

Second Chance Family Reunion

Second Chance Family Reunion