There’s no place like home…

It’s the place we feel safe and comfortable. At this time of year, home can seem almost magical. It’s where we want to be the most, with family, friends, and those we love.

For the cats and dogs at Second Chance Pet Adoptions, it is no different. They all want a place to belong and someone to belong to.

A home is what every cat and dog wishes for.

Because of you, over 350 animals have had that wish come true this year! The happy animals you see here are just some of the pets whose lives you’ve helped to change.

2015 Holiday Mailer Animals Top

This past March, in order to help more animals, we expanded our adoption center. This has enabled us to feature more adoptable cats and provide extra support to our dog program. Today, we are poised to surpass the number of animals who were adopted in 2014!

This is something we simply could not have done without your love and support.

But there are still many animals in our community who have no food, shelter, or someone to love them. They are often sick, injured, and alone. Second Chance’s mission is to rescue as many of these as we can, and you are key to our success.

All of the lifesaving work we do is made possible by the generosity of people like you. We do not receive any governmental funding, so your donations are that much more precious to us. Every dollar allows us to provide them with the food, shelter, and medical care they desperately need. Every dollar saves lives.

Nothing gives us greater joy than uniting a pet with a loving owner, but in order to create those happy moments, we need you. If you have donated to us in the past, we thank you for your ongoing support. If you have not yet, please consider giving to those animals who still need our help.

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Your gift will make a difference. It will start another on the journey home!

2015 Holiday Mailer Campaign