2016 Racing for Rescues

Racing for Rescues
Racing for Rescues
Racing for Rescues
Racing for Rescues
Racing for Rescues

Second Chance Pet Adoptions
2016 Racing for Rescues

Sunday May 15, 2016
NC State Centennial Campus, Raleigh
Check-in/Registration opens at 9:00am
First race starts at 10:30am

This year’s event includes:

  • Separate, timed 5k’s  for runners with dogs, and runners without dogs
  • 2k walk for humans with or without dogs
  • A wonderful assortment of local businesses
  • Great raffle (do not need to be present to win)
  • And much much more!

See the Results of the Race HERE!


On-site registration and packet pickup opens at 9:00am
5k run (runners, only) – 10:30am start
5k run with dogs – 10:55am start
2k walk – 11:00am start
Awards – 11:30am
Raffle Prize winners selected – 11:45am


Please plan to use short leashes.  FOR SAFETY REASONS, please do NOT bring your dogs on retractable leashes.  All dog owners must be able to provide proof of rabies vaccination if necessary (tag or certificate). As always, please plan to clean up after your dogs.



NC State Centennial Campus is located off Avent Ferry Road.  If you are coming from the beltline, take the Western Blvd exit heading towards Raleigh.  Turn right onto Avent Ferry Road.  Take a left onto Varsity (entering Centennial Campus).  Take a right onto Main Campus Drive.  You will pass the on-site registration/check-in, vendor area on your right.  Take the next right and there is a very large, underground 5 story parking deck on your right.  Volunteers should be there to help guide you there.  The parking deck address is 2410 Campus Shore Drive.


All proceeds go to help the homeless dogs and cats in our program.  With your support, we look forward to the day when all adoptable dogs and cats in our community have a home!

Racing for Rescues
Racing for Rescues
Racing for Rescues

Special thanks to our Sponsors

Grand Champion Sponsors

Thanks to Bumble Bar for their generous donation of organic energy bars for the Racers.

Bumble Bar

Thanks to Culligan for their generous donation of water for our Racers.




Team NameTeam Leader$ Raised
Happy Pets Gang (HPG)Nikita Gowin$1,757.00
Squirrel! Squirrel!Kelly Curley$1,140.80
The Rolling BonesDave Overdier$1,002.65
Billy's Friends!Lisa Best$797.25
TADHOG meetup (Triangle-Area...Laura Tweed$422.95
Muttley CrewDave Ballesteros$411.00
Endless Love!!Stayce Murray$293.90
Miller-Motte College SCNAVTANicolette McNeely$270.00


Name$ Donated
Jet Lacebal$515.00
Frank Moore$257.50
Jamie Pittman$250.00
bruce mckim$250.00
Deborah Quay$250.00
Dan & Vicki V$200.00
Garth Whitacre$103.00
Aimee Wagner$103.00
Michelle Schwab$103.00
Jim and Beverly Tompkins$103.00
Jackson (jdog) Stewart$103.00
Gina Lanier$100.00
Stephen Harper$100.00
Dr. David Walker$100.00
Brooks Malone$100.00
Kristi Johnson$100.00
Judy Benrud$100.00
Ava Wilson$100.00
Beth Hall$75.00
GM & DD Stewart$75.00
Janet Wahlmeier$65.00
Wendy Stephenson$51.50
Bonnie Millis$51.50
Carole Neiberg$51.50
Barbara Rossiter$51.50
Ronda George$51.50
Gloria (Grandma) Overdier$51.50
Joanna Reynolds$51.50
Jennifer/Kevin Hurley$51.50
Todd Glenn$51.50
John & Peggy Best$51.50
Yvon Daniel$51.50
Melinda Hawkins$51.50
Penny Bandit$51.50
dianne stanton$51.50
Fran Barnes-Melvin$51.50
Thelma Clagett$51.50
Maggie May and Zeus$51.50
Team EWA$51.50
Todd Kroesen$51.50
Lu & Terry Vazquez$50.00
Renee Van Treuren$50.00
Joan and Janice Curley$50.00
2D Stewart$50.00
Cheri Sowter$50.00
Kathleen Olmes$50.00
Madeline German$50.00
Randy Clement$50.00
Irena Caf$50.00
Christopher Haisty$50.00
jill ballesteros$50.00
sherri curley$50.00
Heather Shaffer$41.20
Wade Fields$36.05
Sarah Weisenburn$36.05
Branden Quinn$35.00
Susan Hagstrom$30.90
Bob Warnock$30.90
Jenna Germano$30.90
Andy White$30.00
Matt Mance$25.75
Tracy Serafini$25.75
Melissa Zammit$25.75
Bill Hauser$25.75
Matt Boyd$25.75
Rachel Church$25.75
David Cuebas$25.75
M& D$25.75
Tom and Carol Whitacre$25.75
Crazy Daisy$25.75
Joelle Fernandez$25.75
Janet Wathey$25.75
Andie Hoover$25.75
Ann Sevareid Miller$25.75
Molly Keefe-Forsyth$25.75
Carl & Brenda Fields$25.75
Samantha Humbert$25.75
Colleen Causby$25.75
Ruth Simon$25.75
Cindy Hastings$25.75
Renata Mello$25.75
Dain Mickalites$25.75
Grandpa O$25.75
Jacob Garcowski$25.75
Judi Rourke$25.75
Kate & Nathan Boyer$25.75
David and Harriet Gordon$25.75
April and Rio Coleman$25.00
Mindy Nguy$25.00
Nikita Gowin$25.00
Mary Croghan$25.00
Jeannie Inskeep$25.00
Mary Johnson$25.00
Adam Buchanan$25.00
Carla Crawford$25.00
Jill Mills$25.00
Camilla Preti$25.00
Marjorie Santoro$25.00
Denise Caron$25.00
Lauren Joyce$25.00
Mark Livingston$25.00
Terrie Blalock$25.00
Kim Rivers$25.00
Tommy Gladziszewski$20.60
Sarah Noell$20.60
Kelly Kuss$20.00
Molly Patton$20.00
Cheryl Rhew$20.00
Jen McKinnon$20.00
Jennifer Wells$20.00
Cathy Patton$20.00
Jess Crawford$20.00
Peter Adams$20.00
Tracy Cox$15.45
Nicole Neace$15.45
David Schoonmaker$15.00
Mandy Peacock$15.00
Carrie Fellows$15.00
Kasia Rada$15.00
Amy Smith$15.00
Peanut Pulley$15.00
Nancy Clayton$15.00
Iftekhar Hussain$10.30
Patricia Mancio$10.30
Jackie Nagy$10.00
Charles Pulley$10.00
Lynn Roche$10.00
Dain Mickalites$10.00
Matt Boyd$10.00
Jamie Ritchie$10.00
Colleen Causby$10.00
Samantha Sullivan$10.00
Brooke Baker$10.00
Cynthia Burgess$10.00
Jenna Cameron$10.00
Barbi Poe$5.00
Karen Smith$5.00
Lori Matus$5.00
Nicki Reeve$5.00
Casey Noble$5.00
Holly Jones$5.00
Jonathan Campbell$5.00
Bart Landen$4.00


Name$ Raised
Janice Stewart$503.15
Lisa Imhof$416.25
bruce mckim$330.00
The Power Pugs (Family)$311.75
Jenna Bremiller$291.45
Deborah Quay$285.00
Jamie Pittman$285.00
Stephanie Whitacre$277.20
Jason Neiberg$246.00
Renee Harper$186.50
The Wooz (Family)$160.00
CK Johnson (Family)$155.00
Judy Benrud$135.00
Kasia Rada$130.75
Gina Lanier$130.00
Ava Wilson$125.00
Denise Fields$112.40
Haisterlings (Family)$110.00
Craig Finch (Family)$100.00
Prattos (Family)$100.00
Janet Wahlmeier$100.00
Team Lopez (Family)$90.00
Just Kidding, Not Really (Family)$90.00
Loco Lobos (Family)$90.00
Schwerer Family (Family)$90.00
Cheri Sowter$85.00
Alexander (Family)$80.00
Wilkins Crew (Family)$80.00
The Cartwrights (Family)$80.00
Daisy and Company (Family)$80.00
Irena Caf$80.00
Team Dean (Family)$75.00
Horn Family (Family)$70.00
Gooooo Graham! (Family)$70.00
Strouchies (Family)$70.00
Puppy Love (Family)$65.00
Bruno Kanieski da Silva$61.05
Ripley's Fan Club (Family)$60.00
Team Cece-Dallas (Family)$60.00
Team Penny (Family)$60.00
Cam Watts Family (Family)$60.00
Pronut (Family)$60.00
Halls for Paws (Family)$60.00
Martin (Family)$60.00
Team Chipper (Family)$60.00
Jeannie Inskeep$60.00
Amy Smith$50.00
Abby&Kodi (Family)$50.00
Nannah's Mamas (Family)$50.00
Sasha's Pack (Family)$50.00
Nancy Clayton$50.00
David Schoonmaker$50.00
Saintz (Family)$50.00
Cathy Patton$50.00
Nowel (Family)$50.00
Boyd Family (Family)$50.00
The Stafford Family (Family)$50.00
Peanut Pulley$50.00
Mandy Peacock$50.00
Kelly Kuss$50.00
Marjorie Santoro$50.00
Bowling Family (Family)$50.00
Denise Caron$50.00
Marley hearts Sara (Family)$50.00
Mary Johnson$50.00
Martinez Family (Family)$50.00
Doak Dog Lovers (Family)$50.00
Eric Pridgen (Family)$50.00
Carrie Fellows$50.00
Plaisted Family (Family)$45.00
Jamie Ritchie$40.00
Monkey (Family)$40.00
Molly Patton$40.00
Lynn Roche$40.00
Rachel Jordan$35.00
Forrest DeMarcus$35.00
Tricia Smar$35.00
Jim Swigart$35.00
Kimberly Sparks$35.00
Liz Labella$35.00
Liz Broadway$35.00
Krystyna DIXON$35.00
Dianan Moore$35.00
John Luistro$35.00
loretta wolhar$35.00
Avery Boak$35.00
Cathie Lawler$35.00
Bridget Mawn$35.00
Carolyn Quarterman$35.00
Preston Swigart$35.00
John Murray$35.00
Geri Hare$35.00
Kurt Preisler$35.00
Diane Hefter$35.00
Anne Heath$35.00
Christine Herman$35.00
Cristin Jordan$35.00
lex benton$35.00
Michael Cole$35.00
Jeanne McGown$35.00
Brian King$35.00
Samantha Chauveau$35.00
Sarah Jacobson$35.00
Rob Hefter$35.00
Nina Martin$35.00
Jen Silvestri$35.00
Mary Waligora$35.00
Emily King$35.00
Barbara Eagles$35.00
Gabriel Knittle$35.00
Melissa Mizelle$35.00
Douglas Hammer$35.00
Paula Lunsford$35.00
Jacob Schreeg$35.00
Jessica Lucas$35.00
Christopher Curley$35.00
amy bodell$35.00
Terry King$35.00
mark longtin$35.00
Laurie Edgerton$35.00
Leslie Carlucci$35.00
Susan Moore$35.00
Cheryl Rhew$35.00
Tina Carlucci$30.00
Mattie West$30.00
Gretchen Chidester$30.00
Carol Derry$30.00
Cheryl Gerace$30.00
Scott Meharg$30.00
Jennifer Rossi$30.00
Melissa Cupit$30.00
Anne Swaim$30.00
ellen yu$30.00
Sarah Richeda$30.00
Taylor Longtin$30.00
Carol Conville$30.00
Baxter Brown (Family)$30.00
dawn lewis$30.00
Alexandria Wiles$30.00
Christian LeBron$30.00
Melinda Hawkins$30.00
David Imhof$30.00
Ed White$30.00
Brooke Baker$30.00
Laura Bryan$30.00
Cheryl Longtin$30.00
Eileen Snowden$30.00
Alicia Lucas$30.00
Kathy Repass$30.00
Sheryl Jensen$30.00
Terri Atkinson$30.00
James Smith$30.00
Jennifer Ahler$30.00
Linda Yoquelet$30.00
Jenna Cameron$30.00