2021 Racing for Rescues T-Shirt Competition

From Snapshot to Mascot: Make Your Pet A Star!

For the first time ever, we’re giving YOUR rescued pet a chance to be on the official Racing for Rescues event t-shirt! One cat and one dog will be incorporated into the 2021 t-shirt design. Our artist will transform the winning pets into cute, cartoonized animals using photographs for reference.

You don’t need to be registered as a Racing for Rescues participant to win (in fact, both winners will be given two free registrations), but we do hope you’ll register and join the fun! (If you have registered and you win, we can refund your registration fee.) Here are all the competition details and your chance to enter!

First and foremost: you can enter any adopted cat or dog (even if they were adopted from an organization other than Second Chance), but in the spirit of our mission, they must have been rescued (for example, adopted from a county shelter or rescue organization like Second Chance, or taken in after being found as a stray). Pets both living and over the rainbow bridge are eligible, as long as they have gotten their second chance through adoption.

NOTE: This graphic is meant to convey the idea of the contest and not meant to depict the actual shirt color, the position/pose of the animals, or that your pet’s head will be cropped and placed onto a cartoon body.

How it works:

  • Before 11:59 p.m. Eastern on March 23, 2021, fill out the form below to purchase entry tickets into the competition and submit photos of your pet.
  • Entry tickets are $5 each and you can purchase as many entry tickets as you’d like for as many pets as you want. Please just be sure you don’t put more than one pet on a form.
  • On March 24, we will randomly draw 5 cats and 5 dogs. The more entry tickets you purchase, the more likely your pet is to be one of the 10!
  • The Racing for Rescues steering committee will select 1 cat and 1 dog from the 10 randomly drawn. That cat and that dog will be the animals on the 2021 event t-shirt, and the 2 people who submitted the cat and dog will get 2 free Racing for Rescues registrations (t-shirts included) each!

The boring, but important, fine print:

  • Photos attached to the entry forms should be, as much as possible, large, clear, and well-lit with details of your pet’s features easy to see. We encourage you to submit several photos of your pet to show their face and body as much as possible (for the artist to use as a reference).
  • Please do not email, text, or otherwise message us photos of your pet. If you are experiencing difficulties with the form that prevent you from attaching photos to it, please email rachel@secondchancenc.org and wait to submit the form until the issue has been corrected.
  • By entering the competition, you agree that Second Chance Pet Adoptions has your permission to use your pet’s image and your photo to create this artwork should you be the winner.
  • If Second Chance needs more information or photos for the artist, we will contact you, and from that point, you’ll have 72 hours to supply the additional materials. If we don’t hear from you in that time, we’ll move on to another selection.
  • If your pet is a final candidate or a winner and more high-quality photos are needed, we may invite you and your pet to Second Chance’s adoption center to take the photos, or may ask if we can visit your home to do so.
  • While working from photographs, the artist will draw your pet. Though the artist will ensure that your pet’s character on the shirt clearly resembles your pet, the character will not be guaranteed to be a 100% copy of your pet, nor will your pet’s actual photo appear on the shirt.
  • Additionally, though photos of your pet are needed for the artist, the pet’s “pose” on the t-shirt will be decided by Second Chance (in other words, a dog jumping in a photo does not mean they will be jumping on the shirt).
  • The artwork derived from this competition and placed upon the shirt becomes the property of Second Chance Pet Adoptions; we may use it as we see fit.

Samples of the Artist’s Work:


The entry period for this contest has now closed.