Each week, we’ll introduce you to one of the kitties who has recently moved into the Adoption Center.

JUNE 13, 2017


Meet Boone! this sweet handsome boy is looking for his forever home. Boone is good with other cats; he is a bit nervous when first meeting them, but he quickly warms up. Boone is a very sweet and affectionate cat and enjoys playing with streamer toys. If you’re interested in Boone stop by the adoption center and meet him today. You can also fill out an application to get the adoption process started.

JUNE 6, 2017


Today’s newbie is kind of a big deal! This local celebrity had his photo featured in 919 Magazine! It’s Roy, an adventurous 15-week-old kitten! This guy is the biggest in his litter and always the first to try new things. He’s playful as ever but has also learned how to appreciate cuddles and cat naps. Interested? Check out our feature on pages 30-33 of the magazine (here) to see his photo and come in to meet him at one of our Cat Adoptathons (Saturdays noon-4pm)!

MAY 30, 2017


“Hi there! I’m Brandi! I came to Second Chance from a county shelter. I’m a sweet, chirpy girl who loves to play. At 1 year old, I am a petite girl and probably won’t get much bigger than I am now! If you’re interested in me, stop by the Adoption Center and say hello. You’ll be glad you did! Psst–you can also fill out an application to get the adoption process started. 

MAY 23, 2017


You’d better be prepared to give lots of chin scratches and belly rubs if you’re dealing with Grainger! This 6-year-old boy will meow to get your attention and, once you give him some good head scratches, he will roll over and present his tummy for some loving. He never gets tired of being petted. Grainger is proof that big love often comes in small, round packages! Stop by Second Chance to meet this fella. You can also fill out an application to get the adoption process started.

MAY 16, 2017


This bright little face is Dottie. She’s 7 months old and the sweetest little kitten you’ll ever meet. She’s still a baby and has lots of energy–she loves to play with all the toys in her room. She gets along with other cats but has no problem keeping herself busy! Give her a mouse and a ball with a bell and she’ll be set for hours. She loves to cuddle and is a very loving kitten. If you’re looking for a fun kitten come and meet her! You can also fill out an application to get the adoption process started.

MAY 9, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: There were no blog updates the week of May 8-12, 2017, as the staff member who maintains this blog was out of the office.

MAY 2, 2017


Marty is a 9-month-old boy who is simply made of love. He was found outside by the neighbor of one of our dedicated volunteers (named, wanna guess?, Marti). After trying unsuccessfully to locate any potential owner, Marti was able to get Marty into our program. He battled a cold for a while, but he is finally in a community room and doing great! ***UPDATE: Marty has been adopted!

APRIL 25, 2017


Back in March, we pulled this guy from a kill shelter. Kenneth is a very sweet and rambunctious kitty. He’s a little under a year old, so like the youngster he is, Kenneth can be found running around his community room playing with the other cats or playing with his mouse toy. ***UPDATE: Sayonara, Kenneth, and congrats on your adoption!

APRIL 18, 2017


It’s kitten season and Second Chance has many little fuzzy guys and gals! Scooter is the one in the group that likes to watch and make sure everything is safe before jumping in to play. He warms up quickly once he deems the situation safe, though! If you need a buddy to chat with at the end of the day, he just may be your man. Scooter loves to play with his mice and does very well using a scratching post. His two favorite things are to nap in the sunshine that is streaming through the windows and get love and pets from his foster mom. He does well with kids, cats, and dogs–all around a wonderful kitten! ***UPDATE: We have kittens, but not this one–Scooter has been adopted! 🙂

APRIL 11, 2017


Bella Grace is a beautiful 4-year-old tabby girl looking for her forever family. Bella Grace was surrendered to us when her owner died. She will give kisses and is very chirpy when she gets excited to see people. She’s declawed in both her front paws but it doesn’t seem to bother her. She is still as sweet and as loving as a kitty can be. Bella Grace needs to be the only kitty in her home. ***UPDATE: Within a week of this post, Bella Grace was adopted!

APRIL 4, 2017


Sassy is a very cute and energetic 9-month-old kitten that we rescued from a high-kill shelter. We can’t emphasize this enough: she loves to play! This girl is definitely looking for an active family that can provide her with the play time she needs! A home with no small children and no other cats would be best for Sassy because she is a rough player and is still learning her manners. ***UPDATE: Sassy was adopted in May 2017!

MARCH 28, 2017


Ryan a sweet and spunky 6-month-old kitten. He has lots of energy and loves to play with stuffed mice and laser pointers. Ryan is a very talkative kitten and, much like a pup, will tilt his head whenever he is curious about something. Ryan is good with other cats and absolutely loves the company of people. ***UPDATE: Ryan was adopted a week after we posted this! 🙂

MARCH 21, 2017


Bubbly is a sweet 2-year-old calico kitty we rescued from a high-kill shelter in January. She is looking for a family who will love her bubbly personality! Bubbly does well with other cats but needs to go to a home without dogs. She can be playful at times, but if you’re looking for a snuggly girl, she is usually more interested in being loved on. If you’re interested in Bubbly, stop by the Adoption Center and meet her. You won’t be disappointed! (You can also apply for her here!)

MARCH 14, 2017


Latoya is a 2-year-old chirpy tuxedo girl with a calm and loving demeanor. She will greet you with a sweet little “meep” when you come in the room and will often rub against your legs, purring loudly. She would like nothing more than to curl up on a blanket next to you on a couch, making biscuits in the air. She does have her modern side, too, and is quite interested in technology – she is voted “most likely to walk across your tablet or keyboard,” as evidenced here: jjjjjjjjjjjf432. She may not be the most eloquent of typists, but who knows? Maybe one day, she will tap out the great American novel for you. Latoya does well with other cats, but would prefer a calm kitty as a friend she can groom. She would also be fine with a calm dog. ***UPDATE: Latoya has been adopted! 🙂

MARCH 7, 2017


Piper and her almost-twin brother, Edwin, were rescued from a high-kill shelter. Edwin has already been adopted, so now Piper is hoping to find her home as well! This petite 1-year-old girl is friendly and calm. She enjoys attention and does not mind being picked up. She will rub against your legs when you come into the room, but she is not super needy. She’ll be happy to hang out with you on the couch, purring away! She would be fine as an only kitty, or would do well with another calm kitty. She would also do well with a calm dog. ***UPDATE: Piper got adopted, woohoo!

FEBRUARY 28, 2017


Crispin is a lovely 4-year-old guy with a white soul patch that spills into a Santa-like “beard” on his chest. Crispin is FIV-positive, but don’t let that deter you from considering him for adoption! Cats with FIV can often live long and normal lives, as long as they receive regular health care visits and a good diet, and FIV is very hard to transmit between animals. FIV+ cats make wonderful pets and are certainly deserving of a second chance! You can learn more about FIV+ cats here.  Feel free to contact us for more information about FIV, or come to the Adoption Center and speak to one of our adoption staff. ***UPDATE: Crispin found his home in March of 2017! 🙂

FEBRUARY 21, 2017


Some of you know Duff already thanks to his Home Show fame–but did you know he’s pretty new to Second Chance? We were able to bring him out in the crowds so quickly because Duff is the epitome of a chill dude! This big and handsome 3-year-old guy takes everything in stride. It’s hard to believe that he wound up as a stray scrounging for food. A kind Samaritan took him in and gave him shelter, food, and love until he was able to come into our program. Duff is good with cats and would love a home where he can just hang out on the couch getting lots of love! ***UPDATE: Duff has found his forever home! 🙂

FEBRUARY 14, 2017


We have exciting news: our office cat, Peaches and Cream, has a roommate! This is Miss Vanna. She’s not available for adoption yet, because as our volunteers know, we’re working on figuring out which food she finds yummy and can keep down. Because she’s not eating great yet, she doesn’t have a lot of energy, but she is very much enjoying watching the birds, receiving love, and checking out the new digs. If you come to visit, give her some love, and please send good thoughts into the universe that soon she will be eating like it ain’t no thang!

FEBRUARY 7, 2017



Graham is a 4-year-old tabby that we rescued him from a high-kill shelter–and he’s been entertaining us ever since! This chill boy is good with other cats, GREAT with dogs, and likes to explore–and he’s chatty!! This picture of him cracks us up–we think it looks as though he’s a polite southerner taken aback by a scandalous piece of new gossip! What do you think is he saying/thinking here? Chime in on our Facebook post! ***UPDATE: Graham and Frank have been adopted together!

JANUARY 31, 2017



If you’ve been on our website, you may have seen this beautiful girl come adoptable recently! Although Blackberry is a senior cat (8 years old), she has kept herself in shape! She is a lean, fit girl and can jump with the best of them. Blackberry loves attention and will immediately come out of her cat igloo bed for petting when a person enters her room. She will get in your lap and give you head butts, and she loves being brushed–she’ll even do it herself! ***UPDATE: Blackberry went home (with her new feline brother, Lincoln)!

JANUARY 24, 2017



Chelsea is a 10-month-old girl who is the perfect combination of kitten and adult. She’s playful–and chatty!–but also very sweet and fine with being picked up and adored. She had a home, but had to be given up due to an allergy in one of the household members, so she’s had a taste of family life and is eager to get back to it! Hope your stay is short and sweet, Chelsea-girl! ***UPDATE: Chelsea went home in the spring of 2017!

JANUARY 17, 2017


If this isn’t the definition of “lap cat,” we don’t know what is! This is Darius, an almost-2-year-old sweeeeet, sweet boy! Darius was rescued from a high-kill shelter about a week before Christmas 2016 and now he’s hanging with us, waiting for his forever home. He doesn’t make it look too shabby, does he? #dontgettoocomfortable ***UPDATE: Darius went to his forever home less than a month after we made this post! 🙂

JANUARY 10, 2017


Zuri is a 5-year-old guy who was owned by veterinarian from Africa. The vet recently moved back to Africa and could not bring Zuri along. He’s a gentle, soft-spoken dude who loves people and really likes to be held. Today was his first day in one of our community rooms (he’s digging all the shelves!), so he’s still getting the lay of the land, but we hear he’s good with other cats (and dogs, too) so he should be settled in no time! ***UPDATE: Zuri went to his new forever home on Jan. 16, 2017! 🙂