Do you remember these Second Chance animals, staff, volunteers, and events?

APRIL 20, 2017

   2013 FURRY 5K

We can’t believe that Racing for Rescues and the Family Reunion are just 17 days away!!!  We’re getting pumped up by looking back on our past races–and all the smiling faces!! Who was with us waaay back in 2013? Anyone spot themselves (or their dogs!) in the photos in this album here? More importantly, who will be joining us THIS year?!  Raise your hand if you’re registered and ready!

APRIL 13, 2017


Everyone has been enjoying our old photo albums of kitties past, so we thought it was time for some puppies! These chihuahuas were rescued from a hoarding situation in 2012 and, well, they were just as cute as could be! We even have an updated photo of Jayde (below). We hope to catch up with Jayde and the other pups at our Family Reunion. (Even if you aren’t doing the 5K run/2K walk, you can register for the reunion and receive a special event t-shirt.) See you there!

APRIL 6, 2017


At Second Chance, we believe in rescuing both healthy and treatable animals. It’s important to us that we provide a second chance for kitties (and pups) with special needs, because we know they are capable of loving and being loved. On May 7 this year, we celebrate all the Second Chance families we’ve helped create over the last three decades, including and especially those who would have otherwise been overlooked, abandoned, or euthanized, like the blind cats in this album. Join us at our Family Reunion! (Even if you aren’t doing the 5K run/2K walk, you can register for the reunion and receive a special event t-shirt!) See you there!

MARCH 30, 2017


Today we throwback to 2011 and this photo album. In 2011, Hoss, a then-3-year-old Great Pyrenees, was found on the side of the road, licking garbage to get food. He was in pretty rough shape when we rescued him, but like so many who have made the Second Chance journey before him, he came out the other side healthy and ready for a loving family.

It amazes us to think that, thanks to your support, we have been able to rescue dogs like Hoss–and cats, of course!–for THREE DECADES now! We are very much looking forward to celebrating our journey–and reconnecting with the Second Chance animals we have sent to their forever homes–at Racing for Rescues and the Family Reunion!

MARCH 23, 2017



We love love LOVE seeing pictures of our animals in their new homes, being loved on by their new families. That’s why we’re inviting all of YOU who have adopted from us to bring photos to Racing for Rescues and the Family Reunion! We’ll have a big Family Tree bulletin board for you to proudly display your beloved fur children. Over the course of 30 years, we’ve met so many wonderful animals–like Tiffany here. Tiffany was named Winter when she was with us. We took her in as a stray in–you guessed it–the winter of 2015, and she found her new home not long after! Here she is enjoying all the rooms in her house! Was anyone here volunteering for us when we took her in?

MARCH 16, 2017


We had a great time flipping through this album from 2009. Not only are the cats so wonderful and adorable, but it’s also interesting to see the changes the building has gone through in the last 8 years. We’ve since expanded (more room for kitties, and dogs, too!) and moved the staff office to the front of Second Chance by the new lobby. Were you with us in 2009? Did you care for these cats while volunteering? Did you adopt one? Enjoy having a look and, if you brought one of these babes home, leave a comment on their photo with a picture of them at home (and consider bringing a photo of them to our Racing for Rescues event for the Family Reunion bulletin board)!  

MARCH 9, 2017


   2016 Racing for Rescues

Feeling some nostalgia today looking at previous years’ photo albums from our Racing for Rescues events! This is last year’s album, when we had absolutely perfect weather! (We’ve ordered up the good weather for this year again!) Were you there? Will we see you this year? The early-bird sale is on NOW (and we’ve got student and team discounts) so get registered! If you need some inspiration, check out the Facebook album. 🙂

MARCH 2, 2017


Happy #throwbackthursday! Five years ago, a litter of 8 bulldog puppies were born into our program…which means they recently celebrated their 5th birthdays! We were thrilled to hear from Janet, who adopted not one, but TWO of the pups! Here’s a present-day photo of best bros Hugo and Bluto (now Winston and Angus). We hope everyone who cared for this litter while they were with us gets a kick out of seeing these buddy boys all grown and handsome!

FEBRUARY 23, 2017


In September of 2007, we took in a stray kitten named Remy (left, 2008), along with his mother, Tia Maria, and siblings, all found in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. He lived in a community room with his mama until August of 2009, when Tia passed over the rainbow bridge. The vet said that her heart had failed…and then the concern turned to her babies, who might have been afflicted with the same condition. Indeed, Remy was diagnosed with heart disease, and since he was still not socialized enough to receive medicine, all we could do was send him to a foster home for hospice care. Yet, he finally started to accept medicine from his loving foster mom, Lisa Best (yep, Lisa again!). After many echos and lots of medicine, his heart is now perfect. He is social and sweet (on his terms) and, after an official adoption in 2012, a permanent part of Lisa’s family. That’s him on the right in 2016!

FEBRUARY 16, 2017


Lacy (bottom left) and Lester (bottom right) lived together in Lisa B.’s foster home. They aren’t littermates, but they grew very fond of one another! In the few days after Lacy was spayed and Lester was neutered, and they had to spend time apart, they clearly missed each other very much, and once they were together again, they went crazy celebrating and playing! We were thrilled, then, when their new family wanted to adopt them together, and even happier when we received a photo update showing how much they still love to be with one another!

FEBRUARY 9, 2017


If you know Lisa Best, you know she is a foster mom extraordinaire at Second Chance. She’s fostered over 100 cats with us since 2005 (!!!)…but did you know that she kept the very first kittens she ever fostered? Yep, “foster failures” happen to even the best! Irish and Julius, siblings, were, as Lisa puts it, “mean hissy spitty things” (don’t worry–now she calls them “lovely babies”). She says of Irish, “I really had no choice but to adopt Irish because I could never touch her or catch her to bring to Adoptathons. She always knew when it was a Saturday. Once, I did get her to an Adoptathon and a lady stuck her hand in the cage to pet her and she bit the lady. So she stayed at my house… Julius, I did bring to the Adoption Center to live. He stayed there for like a year so I brought him back home.” Check out these pictures of her “two monkeys” 11 years ago and now today!

FEBRUARY 2, 2017


Zoe came to Second Chance when she was only a few days old, with three other siblings from the same litter and a (separate) mama cat and her litter. Two of her brothers did not make it, but she and her other littermates flourished under Sarah’s care. Sarah fostered the group until they were 5-6 months old; even then, Zoe was the tiniest of the group and loved to be held like a baby. She always sought out Sarah’s attention, so she ended up staying with Sarah! She settled right in with all of her new feline siblings and adds lots of fun to her home. Today, Zoe keeps the house lively with her constant talking and meowing!

JANUARY 26, 2017



Who here remembers Hettie? We received her–and her 4 puppies!–as a stray in 2013. Six years old, she was a great mom and took wonderful care of her kiddos. After her pups all found homes, David took this loving girl into his home in 2014…and she’s been living the good life ever since! Here’s a present-day pic of them together at the beach!

JANUARY 19, 2017


Little throwback to 2 years ago when all of YOU helped Billy win a sight-restoring surgery! This photo shows what Billy used to see (on the left) compared to what people could see (on the right). Now, thanks to the funding the awesome Second Chance community scored for him with daily voting, this precious boy can see again!

JANUARY 12, 2017



Now known as Elphie, Queso was part of a litter here at Second Chance. She was adopted at just 12 weeks old and this week, she turned FIVE! Her mom sent us this photo of her as an adult on her 5th birthday, but we dug in the archives for this squeal-worthy throwback picture of Elphie and her siblings! Anyone out there have an updated picture of any of Queso’s littermates? If so, we’d love to see them, too!