Pictured: Board President Dave Ballesteros with his wife, our Assistant Treasurer, Carol, and son, Tim, who have volunteered with Second Chance for over 20 years (and adopted their fair share of pups)!

This year’s Evening of Pawsibilities gala was a record-breaking success, fur real! Thanks to our sponsors, donors, bidders, and buyers, the event brought in $169,000!

With so many costs on the rise, dreams of growing our programs to serve animals, and ambitions to expand into the suite next door, every dollar counts and we could not be more grateful for raising over $30,000 more than last year. To all who participated near and far: each of your bids, purchases, and donations helped make this happen and we give you our deepest thanks for making rescue pawsible!

There are few words who can explain the impact your life-saving support will make for animals over the course of the next year–which is why we’re already looking forward to crafting next year’s feature presentation video from the Senior Director, so we can show rather than tell. 

If you’d like to see this year’s video again (or, in better quality, for our live stream viewers), you can find it right here on Youtube or here on Facebook.

And if you’d like to watch the live stream, you can find that here.

Pictures from the photo booth can be found here, and candids are coming soon!

As a final bit of housekeeping, congrats to Jody P. for winning the Amazon gift card raffle prize!