Second Chance Announces New Program: “Heeling Hearts” for Heartworm-Positive Dogs

After announcing our new animal transport program, Hearts to Home, last week, Second Chance is thrilled to announce the addition of another exciting program that will save the lives of at least 40 dogs in 2018! The Heeling Hearts program will address the very common—and fatal—condition of heartworm disease in dogs.

Heartworms, which are transmitted through mosquitoes, primarily target the heart and lungs of a dog, where they grow, reproduce, and can cause permanent damage; left untreated, they can lead to the animal’s death. As a southern state with a large mosquito population, North Carolina has among the highest rates of heartworm disease in the country. For the many dogs in county shelters, a heartworm-positive diagnosis results in a much lower likelihood of adoption, as the cost of treatment is burdensome to individuals and rescues alike.

Our mission at Second Chance Pet Adoptions includes finding homes for healthy and treatable animals. Because heartworm disease can be cured and previously overlooked dogs are made more appealing to potential adopters through the completion of the treatment, the creation of the Heeling Hearts program is aligned with our principles, and we are excited by the opportunity to rescue more dogs, as well as the chance to educate the public about the importance of heartworm prevention.

We are very grateful to two parties that have helped to get Heeling Hearts off the ground: Tim and Tammy Gage, who foster for Second Chance, generously donated $2,500 to officially launch this program, and the Pedigree Foundation issued a grant for $1,000 to treat heartworm-positive dogs. With these generous gifts, we are already making a difference, as we’ve rescued 10 heartworm-positive dogs in the last two months. We look forward to saving many more in 2018!

In partnership with the hard-working staff at our local county shelters and the veterinarians who help our animals, each year, we will save dozens of heartworm-positive dogs who deserve a second chance. Second Chance will formally introduce this program at our Open House in the spring of 2018. Please stay tuned for more information!