I want to volunteer with Second Chance. How do I become involved?

Thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer with us! We have many diverse opportunities available for you to make a difference. We invite everyone 16 years or older to become a volunteer. 12 to 15-year-olds are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian. To learn more in-depth about the different volunteer opportunities we have available, please fill out our online application.

Cat Care

Cat care volunteers are responsible for daily cat care in our Adoption Center, which includes food and water, scooping litter boxes, sweeping rooms, cleaning cages, doing laundry, and socializing the cats.


Foster homes are a very important part of our program. Without them, we wold not be able to save as many cats and dogs. Lack of foster homes is the primary reason we often cannot help strays in need. If you are interested in learning more about the foster process, please click here.

Fostering Dogs

All of our dogs live in foster homes. The adoption center does not have permanent living facilities for dogs, so foster homes are a critical component towards saving lives. If you are interested in learning more and applying to become a foster for our canines, please click here.

Fostering Kittens

The adoption center has permanent living facilities for adult cats and kittens over 6 months of age. Therefore, most of our feline foster home needs are for kittens, or for a mom and her kittens. If you are interested in learning more and applying to become a foster for our kittens, please click here.

Other Opportunities

If you want to help Second Chance without being directly involved with pets, then you may be interested in helping us plan our major fundraisers, performing administrative duties at our adoption center, and other duties that are less likely to trigger allergies, etc. To learn more about these opportunities, please click here.

Note: We are so sorry, but we are unable to accommodate the need for court-ordered or school-mandated service hours.