See an Amazing Transformation and Send Your Gift for the Season!


This time last year, the Second Chance family made a commitment to homeless cats and dogs facing a scary prospect: suffering through a cold winter outdoors. We promised these animals that though snow may fall and winds may blow, our love would keep them warm. 

This is the story of how your love kept one puppy warm in a very real way:

This past January, we found Ms. Beasley—then a 5-month-old shepherd mix—in an overcrowded county shelter. Her growing body was colder than most: a terrible case of mange had robbed her of her fur coat. Through her thin hair, we could see her red and scabbed skin.

Ms. Beasley was a timid puppy, and obviously suffering, but she wanted to be touched nonetheless. She slowly scooted over to Dave, our dedicated Board president, and put her head in his lap. As you can see in the video above, she let him pet her and licked her face in gratitude.

Thanks to your gifts, we were able to provide medical treatment, and Ms. Beasley soon showed obvious signs of progress.

Her inflamed skin began to cool off, the scabs on her face disappeared, and the cute sweaters donated by supporters like you kept her warm as we moved into spring. During her occasional quick visits from her foster home to the Adoption Center for check-ups, she continued to give us gentle licks of gratitude.

Within a few months, Ms. Beasley’s skin—and spirits—had healed. Her foster mom, Tanya, cared for her until, at long last, Ms. Beasley was healthy, comfortable… and adoptable! She went home with her new mom, Sandi, in June.  Click HERE to see her “after” photos and to see her with Sandi!

From sheltering this sweet pup, to adorning her with sweaters, to providing the medical care that allowed her fur to grow in, your support of Second Chance animals–your love for the vulnerable, the ill, the injured, and the alone–kept Ms. Beasley warm.

Thanks to your generosity, she and over 450 other dogs and cats have gone to their forever homes so far this year—an increase over our adoption rate at this time in 2016!

Your partnership with Second Chance is the only way we can continue this life-saving work. 

Seize the opportunity today to change an animal’s life—hundreds of animals’ lives—by sending a gift by clicking HEREPrecious cats and dogs deserve a second chance to find love—you can grant their holiday wish this winter.

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There’s more! 

Until Dec. 31, 2017, you can be promoted to the position of Second Chance Elf (Santa Paws is hiring!) with complimentary merch to promote Second Chance around town! All new monthly donors will receive a Second Chance backpack, and those who donate $10-$14.99/month (or a one-time donation of $150-$224) will receive a Second Chance 30th anniversary t-shirt. Make it $15/month or more (or a one-time donation of $225 or more) and ALSO receive a 30th anniversary water bottle or travel tumbler while supplies last–HURRY!