“$30 for 30”–Goal #1 Reached! Let’s Raise the Roof–And the Goal!

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THANK YOU to the FABULOUS Second Chance family for supporting our 30th Anniversary Celebration! Thanks to your generosity, we have reached our first goal of raising $9,000 for homeless animals! BUT, we know many of you haven’t yet joined the party, so we’re INCREASING the goal to $12,000, giving you more time to jump on the opportunity to be a part of this momentous occasion!


Your gifts, large and small, help us provide the food, shelter, and medicine our cats and dogs need to survive and thrive while they wait for their forever homes. Help our animals today!







My name is Kelley, and I am one of many Second Chance foster parents. Because all of this rescue’s dogs and puppies live in foster homes, as do young, small kittens, Second Chance’s ability to save more lives depends heavily on people like me.


I have always loved animals. You could say those furry faces make my heart melt. At my first volunteer shift at Second Chance, I could see the dedication, time, effort, and unconditional love that the staff and volunteers provide to each animal. I knew I had found the right place.


After a month, I had found my passion—the shelter had taken in a litter of kittens. They did not have an available foster home for them, and each time I volunteered and tried to enter their room to feed and clean them, all three would manage to run out! After chasing around to catch them (with much laughter), I asked if I could try fostering them at my home.


Seven foster litters later, I enjoy every minute of it. It is a remarkable feeling to watch a baby kitten go from a skittish, scared little animal to a trusting, flourishing kitten—one who loves to rub noses, or loves to curl up in your lap. Second Chance not only provides all the supplies (including medical) for each kitten, they have a great support network of those you can reach out to at any time, day or night.


Fostering has enriched my life. It’s given me much laughter, especially on the broken-heart day of the passing of my Basil. Six foster kittens running around and playing would put a smile on anyone’s face.


You may think it would be hard to “give them up.” It is never easy to say goodbye to these little babies, but seeing the happy ending for both the kitten and their new “furever” family is all worthwhile. And, when one chapter ends, you know another one (or more) will be waiting for their chance to have a “furever” home.


The staff and volunteers at Second Chance invest heavily in our animals–and in supporting the foster homes that help us rescue more animals than we could house at the Adoption Center. We understand that not everyone can commit to fostering, but you can support foster homes like Kelley’s with a donation–you might find that chipping in today would give you, too, a remarkable feeling!

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“$30 for 30” Over Halfway to Goal–Help More Animals Like Ms. Beasley!

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$4588 raisedTHANK YOU to the donors who’ve gotten this party rolling! Just a few days into the campaign, we are already over HALFWAY to our goal of $9,000! 


Your gifts, large and small, help us provide the food, shelter, and medicine our cats and dogs need to survive and thrive while they wait for their forever homes.






We found Ms. Beasley, then a 5-month-old shepherd mix, in an overcrowded shelter this past winter. Her growing body was colder than most–a terrible case of mange had robbed her of her fur coat. Through her thin hair, we could see her red and scabbed skin.


Ms. Beasley - a Second Chance puppy


Ms. Beasley was a timid puppy, and obviously suffering, but she wanted to be touched nonetheless. She slowly scooted over to Dave, president of our Board of Directors, and put her head in his lap. She let him pet her and licked his face in gratitude.


Thanks to the medical treatment we were able to provide through your gifts, Ms. Beasley soon showed obvious signs of progress. Her inflamed skin began to cool off, the scabs on her face were no more, and the cute sweaters that supporters like you have donated kept her warm as we moved into spring. During each quick visit from her foster home to the Adoption Center, we received gentle licks of gratitude.


Ms. Beasley's mange is healing


Within a few months, Ms. Beasley’s skin had healed–and so too, it seemed, had her spirits. Her foster mom, Tanya, learned that Ms. B. made a great companion when out and about, enjoyed meeting other dogs, and had an equally great time playing with her toys at home. At long last, Ms. Beasley was healthy, comfortable, and adoptable. She went home with her new mom, Sandi, in June.


Ms. Beasley adoption profile photo


Recommit to animals like Ms. Beasley–confirm your promise with a contribution to our $30 for 30 campaign. Every dollar invested in Second Chance Pet Adoptions gives animals a second chance to know unconditional love.

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Slickdeals Gives Back in a MAJOR Way!

Slickdeals Gives Back

One year ago, we partnered with Slickdeals, the largest deal-saving money on the internet, in their #SlickdealsGivesBack program. The deal was simple: as our supporters enjoyed great savings on their goods, we would save more animals. We asked you to sign up, to shop, and to save, and Slickdeals would donate money on your behalf. Second Chance fam, we were astonished to receive a check for $10,541. We are in awe of the amazing generosity of Slickdeals and their commitment to creating a better world. To learn more about how you can save lives by saving money, click here.

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$30 for 30: Second Chance Celebrates Three Decades of Saving Animals

Banner for 30th

From three women fostering animals in their backyards, to officially incorporating as a nonprofit and opening an adoption center, Second Chance Pet Adoptions has come a long way in the 30 years since we began. We have rescued over 12,000 cats and dogs. We have a facility that holds 120 animals and welcomes over 3,500 visitors per year, a website that receives over 155,000 visitors per year, and almost 700 active volunteers helping us care for animals and raise money. And we’re nowhere near done—we intend to do this work for as many decades as it takes to find a home for every animal in need. We know we can do more with you in our corner. Homeless cats and dogs are counting on your continued support as we celebrate this milestone and look to the future. Would you confirm your promise to be there for the animals with a contribution to our “$30 for 30” campaign? Seize the opportunity to be a part of this momentous occasion and to celebrate 30 years of giving love a second chance. Learn more here.

The Companion July 2017

The Second Chance Companion – July 2017

The Companion July 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Companion!

Topics included this month:

  • July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day. Celebrate with the Sugar Cookie Scrub Down!
  • “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month: The Numbers Are In
  • 17th Annual Evening of Pawsibilities: Tickets On Sale Now!
  • Meet Confetti
  • Can you invest in Second Chance today?

Click here to read the entire issue!

AKC Reunite, Glover Corp, Dogtopia of Raleigh, Care First, BottleMixx

Second Chance Welcomes New Sponsors, Former Sponsors Renew Promises to Animals

AKC Reunite, Glover Corp, Dogtopia of Raleigh, Care First, BottleMixx
Second Chance Pet Adoptions has two new partners in rescue: Glover Corporation and AKC Reunite. Glover is Second Chance’s Gold Paw sponsor, while AKC Reunite is our newest Silver Paw sponsor.


If you live and work in the Raleigh area, you’ve probably heard of a third-generation printing company: Glover Corporation…but you might not know all that Glover can do. Glover can meet all your printing and large and small custom signage needs, and they also make an astonishing array of 3D and promotional products. From tap handles to flight trays, to other machined and dimensional custom-designed products, there’s a new motto in town: if you can put it on a wall, a floor, or a door, think Glover.


We also welcome on board AKC Reunite. AKC Reunite provides pet microchips and lost pet recovery service with no annual fees. AKC Reunite is committed to finding the way home for lost pets. If your pet’s collar breaks or its collar tag falls off or becomes hard to read, a microchip permanently identifies your pet to help your pet get back to you if it’s lost or stolen. We use AKC Reunite microchips for Second Chance pets, initiating a lifelong relationship between AKC Reunite and our adopters. Their services are simply essential!


Speaking of long-term relationships, all of the sponsors we welcomed last spring have renewed their sponsorships for 2017-2018! We are thrilled to continue our work with Dogtopia of North Raleigh, BottleMixx, and Care First Animal Hospital, all of which are Platinum Paw sponsors. These businesses not only support us with sponsorships, but also with fostering, fundraising, and medical care–all of which are critical and essential components of our animals’ care.


Our capacity to rescue animals and give them the best life possible would be diminished without the support of our sponsors, and we are grateful that they have invested in our rescue work. Together, we’re working toward the day when every cat and every dog has a loving home.


To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, check out our sponsorship packages brochure!
Snickers Goes Home


Snickers Goes Home

Talk about ending “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month with a bang, eh?! Six-year-old Snickers has been with us since October 2015. Anyone who has ever met him will tell you that he is the SWEETEST angel–but he also has glaucoma, something that has worried some potential adopters. Krissy and her husband aren’t daunted, though, and they figure he is the perfect guy to bring together the female kitties in their home like their last sweet boy did, so off he goes to meet his new sisters! CONGRATS, Snickers!

BottleMixx Family

Bottle shop owners give back to Second Chance

BottleMixx Family

In the June 28th edition of Five Questions With … Triangle Around Town reached out to Ellen and Bruce McKim, owners of BottleMixx bottle shop in north Raleigh to discuss how they use their love of animals and entrepreneurship to help local animal shelters – by raising money, hosting fundraisers, fostering and serving on the Board of one of Wake County’s oldest no-kill rescue organizations. Read the complete blog post here!

Bark in the Park May 2017

May 2017 Bark in the Park Photos Available!

Bark in the Park May 2017

Thanks to our photographer, Randy Page, we have WONDERFUL photos from our most recent Bark in the Park game! If you want to see the super-high resolution photos from Randy, click here! As always, thanks a TON to the Durham Bulls Baseball Club for welcoming these pups into the stadium, showing everyone a good time, and helping animals in need to the tune of thousands of dollars each game! (Second Chance received $3,810 this game–wowza!) And, of course, thanks to the fans who come out and to the volunteers who contribute to the success of each event! :-* See you at the August 2 game!

The Companion June 2017

The Second Chance Companion – June 2017

The Companion June 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Companion!

Topics included this month:

  • It’s National “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month!
  • Happy Hour at Bottle Revolution
  • It’s raining Kongs!
  • 30th Anniversary Celebration Continues
  • Meet Nancy Lee
  • Can you support Second Chance today?

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