Allison Paris to Leave Second Chance; New Dog Program Manager Hired

It is with mixed emotions that we share the news that Allison Paris, our Dog Program Manager, is leaving Second Chance. With her strong commitment to the welfare of the animals, Allison has made significant contributions across both the dog and cat programs. She has been responsible for the rescue and rehoming of over 1,000 dogs since she joined us in 2009. Additionally, she has been instrumental in the training of many volunteers and to the operation of the adoption center, and has been contributory to the successful execution of many fundraising events.  Quite simply, she has played an integral role in the success and growth of the organization over the eight years she has been on staff.  While we are sad to see her leave us, we are supportive and excited for her as she strikes out on an adventure towards something new and different.  Her last day on duty will be October 11. We wish her our very best and she has our deepest thanks.


To build on the foundation that Allison has laid, we are pleased to announce that Laura Honeycutt will be joining Second Chance as our new Dog Program Manager. Laura has extensive experience in animal rescue, most recently in a volunteer capacity as a Dog Program lead for the Paws for Life rescue group based in Franklin County.  Laura will be joining us November 6.


Should you have any matters relating to the Dog Program between October 11 and November 6, please direct them to Lisa Imhof.


Lisa Imhof                                              Dave Ballesteros

Director, Operations                            President, Board of Directors     

Dog Days Vendor Application Deadline Extended to Oct. 4!

Around 1,000 people–including children–will come through with their dogs at Dog Days of Cary at Bond Park on Sat., Oct. 7, 2017 (9am-1pm). Affordable vendor spaces still available–$30 for a 10′ x 10′ space! Be a part of it: email to reserve your spot by October 4!

2017 Pawsibilities Glover Photo Booth

2017 Evening of Pawsibilities: Glover Photo Booth Pictures

2017 Pawsibilities Glover Photo Booth

This year, we had OVER 235 PEOPLE attend the 17th Annual Evening of Pawsibilities – making this year a record breaker! We had a photo booth for fun and in celebration of our 30th Anniversary (thanks, Glover Corporation!) and here are photos of all the Second Chance family members who stepped inside. View the pictures HERE!

2017 Pawsibilities Video

2017 Evening of Pawsibilities: Meet the Animals

If you weren’t with us Saturday night, we’re bringing our auction video to YOU! Meet some of the animals we have rescued this past year and see some of their amazing transformations. Thank you for making it possible to stand by them in their time of need.

2017 Evening of Pawsibilities

Congrats to the Carolina Ale House Gift Card Winner!

Carolina Ale House

Congratulations to Claire H. for winning the $25 Carolina Ale House gift card by purchasing an Evening of Pawsibilities ticket by last night’s deadline! We are looking forward to seeing EVERYONE Saturday night!

The Companion September 2017

The Second Chance Companion – September 2017

The Companion September 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Companion!

Topics included this month:

  • Tickets are limited for Evening of Pawsibilities!
  • Many Auction Items Have Been Revealed!
  • Get Your Raffle Tickets to Win Big!
  • Dog Wash Saturday!
  • Help Animals Through Workplace Giving!
  • Meet Cindy Lou
  • Bring Us Home for $30 for 30 So We Can Bring Them Home
  • Special thanks to our Evening of Pawsibilities sponsors!

Click here to read the entire issue!

Melvin’s Unexpected Passing

Dear friends,
We are terribly saddened to announce the unexpected passing of Melvin, our sweet and fluffy senior pup, who was found on the side of Highway 1 on August 23. Melvin had been hospitalized for a short time to stabilize him and to evaluate him for possible injuries. Although he had some pain in his hind end, there was no obvious trauma and he was able to be released.

He was seemingly on the mend and was doing quite well. He was a happy boy who enjoyed lots of affection and attention from staff and volunteers.
Without warning, on Tuesday evening, Melvin began having severe seizures. He was rushed to the hospital, but, sadly, the seizures could not be controlled, and since there was nothing we could do, we knew we had to say goodbye to him. He was with us for such a short time and we are so grateful for the outpouring of goodwill from everyone who shared his story in an effort to find his owner and to those who donated funds towards his care.
We send special thanks to Bayleaf Veterinary Hospital for treating him upon his finding and to Jen, Mike, and Lauren, who welcomed him into their homes to receive some extra TLC during his time with us. We are broken hearted at the loss of him, but we are thankful that Melvin did not have to face his last days alone in this world and that he knew love.

An Update on Melvin: Rescued by Us, Supported by YOU!

AN UPDATE ON MELVIN: Rescued by Us, Supported by YOU!


Those of you who have followed along with our website and social media updates over the last week are familiar with Melvin’s tail… er, tale: standing frozen on the side of busy Highway 1 during the morning commute, Melvin was spotted by a Second Chance foster mom (and adopter!). She turned the car around and went back for him, and he was found to be in significant pain, incapable of moving. He likely had been bumped by a car, injuring or possibly breaking bones in his hind end.


This member of the Second Chance family rushed him to Second Chance, and we rushed him to an animal hospital, honestly unsure if would make the drive over. We were confident that this elder pup (probably a man of 13 years) had an owner, despite lacking tags and a microchip–how could this old fluff be alone in the world? We put out the call on social media and our website that we had him in our care, and you shared the post to thousands and thousands of locals in the area. Still, no one stepped up to claim him.


But you stepped up. We added a donation link for those who wanted to chip in for his hospital bills, and you came through. Meanwhile, Melvin received fluids and was given an x-ray. He had no broken bones, so we put him on a pain-management regimen and brought him home, questioning what the next few days would hold. Would someone who had been looking for their dog find him? Would the pain medicine be enough to work off what might just be some soreness, or were there other issues that would reveal themselves?


Melvin (here with Ruth, one of our diligent volunteers and a Second Chance adopter) pulled through and he’s healing up at Second Chance today. He’s a chatty fella, happy to welcome visitors and soak up affection. We’re enjoying his little quirks, like the way he rubs up against bushes outside to scratch his back, and we’re eager to see the day when he goes home with a new owner.


This late in his life, Melvin is being given a second chance because he could count on you. Yet there are other dogs (and cats) out there, waiting for someone to pull the car over, hoping for someone to give them the medical care they need, and desperate for love, a home, and a family to call their own. Please save their lives today with a gift in honor of our 30th Anniversary!




See other animals who have been given a second chance (and submit your own):Pet Gallery

Second Chance Rescues Stray Dog, Provides Medical Care, Searches for Owner

 URGENT!  ***Searching for possible owner–please share!*** One of our foster parents saw this dog standing completely still on the side of Highway 1 near Jordan Lake yesterday morning (August 23, 2017). She took an exit and looped back around, reaching him about 10 minutes later and finding him completely still then as well. He has no tags or chip, but we are calling him Melvin, and he appears to be around 13 years old.



He has a lot of pain in his hind end; preliminary x-rays do not reveal any broken bones, but it is possible he was bumped by a car and that further examination will reveal a fracture once we are able to move Melvin into a different position. We hospitalized him overnight and pushed fluids; he is eating and drinking today.


In the meantime, if anyone knows this dog, please get in touch with us! And, if you would like to donate to Second Chance to help support the bills we are now incurring and, should no owner be found, the care he will receive in our program until healed and adopted, we would super appreciate it! Donations can be made here

Second Chance Says Goodbye to Sparkly-Eyed Billy

Dear friends,


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Billy, who was one our very special Second Chance kitties. Many of you may know him, but for those who don’t, Billy came to Second Chance in late October of 2014, after Wake County Animal Center reached out to us for help with a 6-month-old blind kitten. Billy had bright and sparkling copper eyes, but his vision loss was caused by mature cataracts, which was an odd condition for one so young. We would soon find out that Billy was no ordinary kitten. After an evaluation with an eye specialist, it was determined that once Billy turned a year old, he would be a good candidate for surgery, which would enable him to see.


This was fantastic news and we had a special fundraising campaign to give Billy the gift of sight. He was even the recipient of an ASPCA L’il Bub grant to assist with the costs. The campaign was a smashing success and we eagerly awaited Billy’s first birthday. But then, things started happening. Days before Billy was set to have his eye procedure, he developed a urinary blockage and had to have urinary tract surgery–multiple times. After that, he continued to be prone to urinary infections and often needed antibiotics. When he was a year and a half old, he was finally healthy enough to undergo his eye surgery. The procedure was successful and Billy could see the world! We celebrated!


But the problems kept coming. A year later, at the age of 2, he was found to have significant heart disease and a liver shunt. Separately, these are challenging conditions for any cat, but combined, we knew that Billy’s life would surely be shortened. His foster mom, Lisa, gave him his medication regimens and lovingly nursed him through his low times. There were points when we thought he would not pull through. Yet every time we thought we would lose him, he bounced back, with that sparkle in his eyes. Billy had been dealt a terrible genetic hand, but clearly, he was a fighter. He was not about to give up.


You see, Billy had a lot of work he wanted to do. In his time with us, Billy had become a Second Chance ambassador. He absolutely loved people. Billy attended many of our events, often on a harness and leash. He was often our “go to” kitty when we engaged with the community to help educate folks about what Second Chance did and how they could help homeless animals. He met hundreds of school kids, Girl Scouts, and senior citizens, and he was happy to receive the attention. He could be found at our wine tastings and off-site adoption events, and he was a fixture at our annual Evening of Pawsibilities.



In his foster home, Billy showed a special talent for helping Lisa to raise other foster kittens, ensuring that they learned their manners and how to be sweet and cuddly. Billy was also happy to accompany Lisa to work. There, he provided comfort to many stressed out students, faculty, staff and quite frankly, anyone who was having a tough day. Even the UPS driver would visit with him. Billy was happy to flop in their laps, purring happily, offering up his belly as therapy. He had his own Facebook page and a legion of fans, who offered their support when a medical need arose.


Recently, Billy developed an infection in his leg. Despite all the best efforts, he did not respond to months of treatment and his leg worsened. It became clear he was suffering. On Thursday, Lisa knew that Billy’s time had finally come. The sparkle had left his eyes. He did not want to fight anymore. He made one last trip to work, so his friends could say goodbye and on Friday, we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Billy was 3 years old.


Animals are so much more than simply pets. They are partners in our lives, who give us love and comfort, in an often chaotic world. Billy is a shining example of their ability to touch us deeply. Everything we gave to Billy, he gave back to us tenfold. He reached a lot of people, many of whom he had never met.


Second Chance would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Wages and the staff at Care First Animal Hospital for their love and care for him over the years (they even wrote him his own song!); to Dr. English and the staff at Animal Eye Care, who gave Billy his sight; and to all of his supporters and donors, who enabled us to provide Billy with all the medical care he needed. We thank his foster mom, Lisa, for her steadfast dedication to him, her unconditional love for him, and for her bravery to let him go when she knew he was ready, even though she was not. Most of all, we thank Billy for giving us the very best of himself, despite such difficult physical challenges. His legacy will live on in the more than 60 kittens he helped raised and in the hearts of all whose lives he touched.


His sparkling eyes will be missed every day.