The competition is back: we’re giving YOUR rescued pet a chance to be on the official Racing for Rescues event t-shirt! One cat and one dog will be incorporated into the 2024 t-shirt design. Our artist will transform the winning pets into cute, cartoonized animals using the winning pets’ photographs for reference.

You don’t need to be registered as a Racing for Rescues participant to win (in fact, both winners will be given two free registrations and shirts), but we do hope you’ll register and join the fun! (If you have registered by the time you win, we can refund your registration fee.) Registration is not open yet, but we anticipate a mid-February opening.

First and foremost: you can enter any adopted cat or dog (even if they were adopted from an organization other than Second Chance), but in the spirit of our mission, they must have been rescued (for example, adopted from a county shelter or rescue organization like Second Chance, or taken in after being found as a stray). Pets both living and over the rainbow bridge are eligible, as long as they have gotten their second chance through adoption.

NOTE: This graphic is meant to convey the idea of the contest and not meant to depict the actual shirt color, the position/pose of the animals, or that your pet’s head will be cropped and placed onto a cartoon body. Also, 2021, 2022, and 2023 winning pets cannot win in 2024.