Second Chance Receives Kongs from Petfinder Foundation

Please help us give a big THANK YOU to the Petfinder Foundation for awarding us a Kong product grant! They sent 10 Kongs our way to enrich our dogs’ lives, challenge their minds, and relieve any stress and anxiety they might feel as they transition into our program and into family life. This gal, Mia, is a dog we rescued a couple of weeks ago. Her leg was severely injured–we believe she was probably hit by a car. In an effort to save her leg, we’ve put a rod in her leg that constricts her mobility. Because she struggles to accept other dogs, she’s not a good candidate for a foster home, so she gets to hang with the staff all day… but as busy as we are, it’s not the most fun a dog can have and she can get a little bored. Treats in a Kong = a big deal to Mia right now! We’re glad to have this supply for her, the other dogs in our program, and many more to come! Thank you, Petfinder Foundation, for the generous gift and helping our dogs! (Note: Mia is not adoptable yet and will probably be with us for a couple of months, but if you’re interested in her, keep your eye on our adoptable dogs.)