Third Time’s the Charm for Arwen: One Cat’s Adoption Story

2016 IS GOING OUT WITH A BANG! Have you heard the good news?


You know her. You love her. The star of our #MondaysWithArwen series has been ADOPTED! That’s right–Arwen was home for the holidays this year!


Born in July of 2008, Arwen came to Second Chance in August of that year as a kitten after she, her littermates, and her mother were left behind by a family. By December, she was home with a family…but it didn’t last. In January of 2009, Arwen was returned to Second Chance–declawed–under the suspicion of having ringworm.



She stayed with us until June of that year, when she went home with a family who took great care of her for four years…but they couldn’t figure out why she was having unexplained medical issues. Frustrated and considering euthanization, they made the difficult decision to return Arwen in August of 2013. We determined that she was suffering from terrible allergies and that, if she ate prescription food and used unscented litter made from old newspaper, she would feel better–and thrive.


For over three years, Second Chance spent thousands of dollars to provide Arwen with the special food and litter she needed. We moved her into the staff office so she could spend more time with people, and she enjoyed watching the birds from her tower by the window. Then, just this very month, it happened: she met a family who fell in love with her. They committed to caring for her knowing she had special needs, and in the short time they have had Arwen in their home, they’ve sent us many photos that show just how much they’re enjoying this special girl…and just how much Arwen is enjoying them (and their home)!

Our rescue is named for giving animals a second chance, but as Arwen would tell you if she could, sometimes, an animal needs even a third chance–and we will be there for them. But we cannot do it without you. Next year, over 400 homeless and abandoned animals will come through Second Chance and find their forever homes, thanks to you! If you partner with us and invest in Second Chance before midnight on December 31, your gift will be tax-deductible for 2016. This is a win-win situation if you act TODAY! Many more cats like Arwen are counting on you! Don’t delay–donate today!