You know what they say: cats are like water. You’ll be amazed at all the places they (and some dogs) can fit into, under, and on top of.

JUNE 16, 2017


Our volunteer, Amanda, knows what’s up–she says, “Amazon delivery day should be a national Cat Holiday.” All in favor, raise your paws!

JUNE 9, 2017


Here’s a sweet pic that combines a little Throwback Thursday with some If It Fits, I Sits Friday! In September of last year, a couple of people walked in carrying a fluffy winter hat, a knitted beanie of sorts… aaaand inside was a teeny kitty-bebe. Here’s Baby Bea on her first day at Second Chance. Then it was onto the foster home and the rest is history–her foster mama became her forever mama! ♥

JUNE 2, 2017


Sadie: “Don’t you have your own seat?”

Oliver: “But I love you!”

More photos from Wednesday night’s Bark in the Park with the Durham Bulls coming soon!

MAY 26, 2017


Happy “Gotcha Day” anniversary to Keely (formerly Hillary)! We are go glad that her life is full of light since being adopted–both literally and metaphorically! Her feline brother is so kind for accepting her as part of the family and sharing the sunbeam with her! It’s a tight fit, but they seem happy to snuggle and share it.

MAY 26, 2017


Happy “Gotcha Day” anniversary to Keely (formerly Hillary)! We are go glad that her life is full of light since being adopted–both literally and metaphorically! Her feline brother is so kind for accepting her as part of the family and sharing the sunbeam with her! It’s a tight fit, but they seem happy to snuggle and share it.

MAY 19, 2017


Did you know that each dog at Bark in the Park with the Durham Bulls gets their own seat?! Yep, your doggo has her own spot…if she so chooses to use it (unlike this guy here ). BUT, that’s only as long as we don’t sell out–and we usually do! So hurry and reserve your seats for the May 31 game–it’s not only a treat for your dog, but also, the $5 dog ticket sales help give many more dogs a second chance!

MAY 12, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: There were no blog updates the week of May 8-12, 2017, as the staff member who maintains this blog was out of the office.

MAY 5, 2017


We have a few of these little hidey-holes around the Adoption Center. Our big boy Snickers just barely fits inside! He enjoys it nonetheless and it tickles us any time we “can’t find” a cat only to realize they’re in one of these. 🙂

APRIL 28, 2017


Last night was our first Bark in the Park game of the 2017 season! We–and the dogs!–had a fantastic time with the Durham Bulls. We snapped this photo of a dog in an amazing seat with a great view. We love that the photo looks as though the dog and his owner are deep in conversation. Dog: “Dad, is this seat all for me?!” Dad: “Well yeah, son! How else you gonna watch the game?”

APRIL 21, 2017


How does that one Queen song go–“Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round”? Welp, we know this song wasn’t written about Chiquita the lobby cat! We didn’t have the heart to tell this full-figured gal that the point of this toy is to chase the ball around it.

APRIL 14, 2017


In September of 2016, we rescued this little guy–well, to be more specific, we rescued him, his six little black siblings, and their mama, Natasha–from a county shelter. (All seven of the kittens have long since found their forever homes, but mom is still waiting–come and meet her!) This boy in particular, Ike, was a lucky one indeed–he went home with one of our dedicated volunteers, Emilie. We loved loved LOVED this photo she sent of him chillaxing in a lasagna pan!

APRIL 7, 2017


In our community rooms, we offer many different surfaces for cats at every level: floor, beds, chairs, shelves, and more. Of course, we don’t usually intend for any given cat to occupy two levels at once! Oh well, I guess Miss Natasha prefers some variety in her life!

MARCH 31, 2017


Need a laugh to finish off your week? How about a few pictures of a loaf of Chiquita? She made herself might comfy in this box of donations…as usual! (Psst–want an extra dose of “awwww”? Check out our latest Instagram photo, @secondchancencpets.)


MARCH 24, 2017



Based on the size of this pile, we must say a BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to the National Technical Honor Society students at Apex High School who collected and donated supplies for us!    We are overwhelmed by your generosity (and the supplies themselves, haha)! Anyone who has met Chiquita–our lobby kitty and resident Donations Tester–won’t be surprised that she promptly surveyed her spoils and climbed this mountain in search of the best place to have a nap. (Psst–Do you have things at home that Chiquita can investigate and nap on? Come and visit to see if this lady is perfect for you or apply for her here!)

MARCH 17, 2017


Sigh… cats, am I right? You get all this stuff for them and hunt around all over the internet and find the perfect thing on Amazon… and if they aren’t more in love with the box it came in than the item itself, they find the most subversive way to use the product… like hanging out UNDER the nice cushy bed instead of on top of it! That would be YOU, Jerry!

MARCH 10, 2017


“Dis? Dis is my bleach! I need dis!” — Chiquita the lobby cat (a.k.a., Resident Donations Tester)

MARCH 3, 2017


This orange guy was hanging out in a high-kill shelter…so we figured he was too cool not to rescue. We named him Santos when we took him in (June 2016). Not long after, one of our volunteers decided she couldn’t *not* take him home. We get regularly opportunities to see what our old boy (now named Alexandpurr Hamilton) is up to and where he’s sitting–but this photo by far takes the cake!

FEBRUARY 24, 2017


At Second Chance, we’re proud of our cageless community rooms and the wealth of options our cats have to achieve maximum comfort when not playing: sit in a chair, nap on a bed, hide in a box, lounge on a shelf, lay by the window…so we find it especially hilarious when a rare moment like this one occurs! All four of our kitties in room A fell into step and gave the room an extra tidy appearance! Good job, kittos!

FEBRUARY 17, 2017


At Second Chance, we are always packing and unpacking from special events, and second only to donation drop-offs, this is Chiquita‘s favorite time! This week, Chiquita let us know she wanted to come to the Downtown Raleigh Home Show by sitting on our supplies…which she does for pretty much every event we pack for!…But if we brought her to the Show, who would greet our visitors in the lobby? (Interested in Chiquita? Apply to adopt her!)

FEBRUARY 10, 2017


It is possible no one has a cat who likes boxes more than Moonbat. Moonbat was called Alberto when he was with us, until this special FIV+ boy went home with his forever dad, Ron. Since then, he’s had his pick of cardboard boxes and paper bags to hang out in, and as you can see, he loves trying them all out! (Want to see more of Moonbat–and his sibling–in his boxes? Check out the Facebook album!)


FEBRUARY 3, 2017


We’ve got sponsored pet packages for sale for Valentine’s Day, and as we were setting up the display in the lobby, Chiquita made it VERY clear that SHE wanted to be the sponsored pet! No matter how many times we moved her (and let’s be real…it was only twice before we let her win), she was bound and determined to nap in that basket and “sell” herself! Makes sense: she was the one who inspired #IfItFitsISitsFridays, after all! (Interested in having a cat sit or sleep on all the interesting places in your home? Apply to adopt Chiquita!)

JANUARY 27, 2017


Chiquita the lobby cat has a wealth of options when it comes to places to sit (and sleep!), but her favorite chairs are the ones that have even smaller containers on them. Here, she practices her seductive over-the-shoulder look. Do you have a home where she can investigate some new spots? She’d love to live there! Apply to adopt her!

JANUARY 20, 2017


Everyone knows that feeling: you buy something for your cat and they love the box it came in more than the product itself. You start collecting boxes for them and next thing you know you have a cardboard graveyard consuming your living room. (No? Just me?) Anywho, here’s one lucky Second Chance kitten, Willis, and his box!

JANUARY 13, 2017


This is Peaches and Cream, our staff office kitty! After Arwen was adopted last month, sweet Peaches moved in and has been thoroughly enjoying her spot at the window, watching all the birds we feed. But even more than she’s enjoyed the window, she’s enjoyed the cat tower in front of it. As you can see, she naps pretty steadily and has molded her body into a perfectly round circle to fit the top bed! We just hope her new shape isn’t permanent. ***APRIL 11 UPDATE: Peaches and Cream has been adopted! 😀