Triangle Law Group Ascends from Gold Paw Sponsor to Platinum Paw

After initially entering Second Chance’s sponsorship program as a Silver Paw sponsor in 2016 and upgrading to a Gold Paw sponsor in 2017, Triangle Law Group is now a Platinum Paw sponsor in 2018!

Owner Laurie B. Gengo’s history with Second Chance began as an adopter. Little did we know that she would convert her entire staff into honorary adopters–by adopting another cat from Second Chance for the Triangle Law Group office! When Laurie brought her team over to Second Chance for a tour of the Adoption Center, the crew met Peaches and Cream (pictured here); this kitty had been with Second Chance for many years and, as a result, enjoyed a little more freedom than is allowed most cats at the Center. She was the staff office cat and spent her days lounging in front of the big windows and “helping” us with our office work.

It turned out, Laurie–unbeknownst to us–was looking for an office cat for the law firm. Given that Peaches clearly had experience as an office cat on her resume, and everyone on the tour enjoyed meeting her, they decided to adopt her as a group! Ever since, Peaches (who has her own Facebook page) has spent her days developing a complex morning routine that involves predicting the arrival of each staff member and greeting them individually. She runs through the long hallways chasing toys and naps on furniture much more luxurious than she had access to at Second Chance. Laurie and the staff regale us with tales of Peaches’ antics each time we visit and frequently sends us photos of our girl, now their girl.

The support we have received from Triangle Law Group has been integral to our rescue efforts. While we are the lucky recipients of many generous donors who send both funding and supplies our way, there is always more need than there are dollars. To have a sponsor who provides so generously for the cats and dogs in our program is an essential component of our budgetary planning that allows us to maximize our efficiency for the animals. We appreciate their continued support over the years as our partner in rescue!