#GivingTuesday Success: YOU Put a Smile on Animals’ Faces!

Second Chance animals have never had a better #GivingTuesday!

To say we appreciate your loving support would be a VAST understatement!

Today we’re giving major thanks to both our #GivingTuesday donors AND all who set up their own fundraising pages for the animals in our care! Because of you, animals like Wafer will get a second chance to know love! Check out this young tabby cat’s happy tail video or read her story below!

Last year, one-year-old Wafer spent the holidays out in the cold. As beloved family pets enjoyed the warmth provided by safe shelter and loving humans, Wafer’s best bet was to survive the winter in storm drains and bushes. As a stray in need of a second chance, this kitty luckily caught the eye of a good Samaritan who contacted Second Chance to see if we could help with a kitty whose arm “looked a little funny.”

Wafer arrived at our adoption center on Dec. 31, 2019 and rang in the new year with the promise of a new life. Upon assessing Wafer’s arm at intake, we had to agree it looked a little funny—it was frozen in place, held out from her body and bent at an angle. She had surely been injured long before so her arm had atrophied. Because of our generous donors, Wafer received high-quality medical care immediately.

Though the injury appeared to have happened long enough ago so as to no longer cause her any pain, her arm was entirely useless to her when it came to walking, running, playing, or climbing. Worse, in its permanent position protruding from her body, it was actually a hindrance and a risk: it could be bad news if her arm got caught on, or in, something. We amputated Wafer’s arm and, with youth on her side, she healed beautifully.

Injured and alone in December, healing and hoping in January, Wafer did soon get to celebrate one holiday in style: just before Valentine’s Day 2020, she found the love of her life. She met her match in Carson and went to her forever home on February 8, where she is safe and spoiled. Wafer–now Mia–doesn’t miss her arm at all; as you can see in the video above, she easily jumps, runs, and chases her tail!

We could not do this work without the help of our partners in rescue. Our deepest gratitude is extended to our #GivingTuesday donors and fundraisers who kicked off giving season yesterday! If you’d still like to send your pawliday gift to animals in need, there’s no time like the present!