Roy Has His Raffle Tickets! Do You Have Yours?

Present or not, YOU can win a valuable prize!

Which Evening of Pawsibilities raffle prize is Roy hoping to win? Could it be the $500 AMEX gift card? Imagine how many toys and treats he could buy! Or maybe he’s looking for more than a treat–perhaps he’d like to cook something special like a mouse or bird on his new Saber grill? (Hey, to each his own!) If he makes more than he can eat, he can invite his feline friends over for a BBQ and some mews, er, brews, kept cold in a hardy Yeti cooler. Or maybe Roy will decide to leave it all behind and escape to Asheville for the weekend, enjoying two nights at the Omni Resort where he can indulge in a massage and play golf. What’ll it be, Roy?