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Helping More Dogs Get Their Second Chances: Second Chance Pet Adoptions Receives PEDIGREE Foundation Grant for Dogs in Need of Behavioral Rehabilitation

Second Chance Pet Adoptions rescues healthy and treatable homeless cats and dogs and finds forever families for them—“treatable” is a key word in their mission statement, and it includes those who need behavioral rehabilitation as much as those with illnesses and injuries. When their staff and volunteers rescue dogs from county shelters, the streets, and owners who can no longer care for them, they meet dogs who are feral, leash-reactive, anxious, aggressive (sometimes unpredictably so), overprotective of their things or territory (or humans), and more. These dogs need—and deserve—their second chance to find love, so Second Chance Pet Adoptions is thrilled to announce that the organization has received a $14,840 grant from PEDIGREE Foundation to rehabilitate more dogs with behavioral needs in 2023.

Though Second Chance has a facility for cats, dogs awaiting adoption are fostered with families; the home environment is less stressful for dogs than a shelter environment (reducing behavioral issues) and ensures each dog gets more one-on-one time from people who can help with their socialization. It’s vital that the people and pets in the home are kept safe as well while fostering a dog working through behavioral issues. Funding from PEDIGREE Foundation, then, will be used to cover the costs associated with professional dog training, anti-escape crates, and supplies that aid in training (such as specialized harnesses and leashes, muzzles, and bite gloves) to help issue corrections without doing any harm to the dog.

Second Chance’s Senior Director of Operations, Lisa Imhof, explains, “The grant from PEDIGREE Foundation will increase our own life-saving capacity and help county shelter staff place behavioral dogs in rescue rather than euthanizing them. By saving and quickly rehabilitating dogs with behavioral needs, these dogs will get their happily-ever-after as soon as possible, making room for others whose lives depend on shelter availability, too. With the tools our community will gain from this funding, more dogs will get their second chances to find love.”


About Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Second Chance Pet Adoptions is the oldest no-kill rescue organization in Wake County, having rescued over 17,000 since we began this work in 1987. Our mission is to champion cats and dogs in need who are healthy or treatable in the quest to find their loving homes and engage with our community to promote responsible pet ownership, ultimately reducing future generations of animals in need. Learn more at


About PEDIGREE Foundation

We believe every dog deserves a loving, forever home. PEDIGREE Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help end pet homelessness. Nearly 3.1 million dogs end up in shelters and rescues every year, and nearly half never find a home. The foundation was established in 2008 by Mars Petcare, maker of PEDIGREE® food for dogs, to help increase dog adoption rates. We’ve awarded more than 6,100 grants and $11.6 million to U.S. shelters and rescues that help dogs in need. At PEDIGREE Foundation, we’re working toward a day when all dogs are safe, secure, cared for, fed well and loved. See how you can help at