2022 Wrapped: What YOU Made Paws-ible This Year!

The countdown is on and the count is up: as we march into the final hours of 2022, we wanted to share the impact YOUR gifts made on the animals in our community this year!
Thanks to our volunteers, fosters, sponsors, donors, and event attendees, we’re proud and grateful to report that in 2022:
  • 867 stray and abandoned cats and dogs were saved from shelters, the streets, and owners who could no longer care for their pets.
  • 568 cats and dogs found their forever families nearby through our local adoption program after being spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.
  • 372 dogs found their new homes up north through our Hearts to Home transport program.
  • 34 homeless dogs were heartworm-positive and got life-saving treatment through our Heeling Hearts program.
  • 701 additional cats were spayed/neutered through our outreach efforts and support of voucher programs for feral cats and cats with low-income owners.

Since our inception in 1987, Second Chance has made–and continues to make–a real difference in North Carolina and beyond. We thank you all and we look forward to putting your continued donations to work for the animals.

Still, recent data collected from shelters and rescues across the nation show that North Carolina remains among the top 3 states whose shelters euthanize the most animals.
There is important work to be done, and our staff and volunteers are ready to do that work on your behalf. With your consistent financial support, we get closer to our shared vision: a day when all cats and dogs have the forever families that they need and deserve.
As our 35th year draws to a close, we thank our community for supporting the care of 1,568 animals in 2022–and we know we can count on you to help even more in 2023. Let your love for animals explode! Click HERE to send a year-end gift before the ball (or acorn, if you live here) drops TONIGHT!