Thankful & Thriving: Lorna’s Happy Tail

Because of You, Lorna is Thankful Today–And We Are, Too!


This was Lorna in July of 2017, when Second Chance Pet Adoptions rescued Lorna (and her four siblings) from a horrendous hoarding situation. Lorna and the rest of the kittens were filthy, sick, and deeply uncomfortable in their own hairless skin. Lorna was suffering from ringworm, eye and upper respiratory infections, and ear infections that we actually feared would be chronic, impacting her for the rest of her life, after what she went through at such a young age.

After months of rigorous medical treatment for her ailments, Lorna was adopted in April of 2018, but when her adopter needed to devote more time to caring for sick relatives, Lorna was returned to us in December of 2019. Though she had done nothing wrong, Lorna was left homeless–and confused–during what should have been a joyous holiday season.

Your generous support enables us to make a lifelong commitment to the animals who come through our doors seeking shelter, safety, and love. Because of our donors and our volunteers, we could take Lorna in again and get to work again on finding her new–her forever–family. In February of 2020, Victoria visited our adoption center and fell in love with Lorna and her purrsonality. Lorna has become a permanent and beloved member of Victoria’s family–a happy tail made pawsible thanks to you! 

We give our deepest thanks to the Second Chance family that’s remained strong in the face of an incessantly difficult year: those who volunteer their time to help with intake, clinic nights, daily care, fostering, and transport; those who serve on our Board of Directors and play a vital role in helping us stretch every dollar through a pandemic; those who donate food, supplies, and funding for quality medical care; those who embrace adoption; those who sponsor us or our events or lend support through their business; and those who share the Second Chance mission with others, be it face-to-face or by following us on social media.

Today, and everyday, and especially this year, we are grateful for your continued support as we fight to bring joy into the lives of the animals we rescue. Because of you, many cats and dogs–homeless no longer–will be spending the holidays with their forever families in peace, comfort, and love.