We sent 55 dogs and cats to their Forever Homes this September!

While we remain closed to the public, we are still intaking and adopting out dogs and cats each and every day. With over 150 animals in our program, we are excited to announce that we sent 55 cats and dogs to their forever homes during the month of September!

Pi-Paw (above) is beaming because he found his forever home this month!

Make sure to take a look at all of the smiling faces in the dog adoption photos below! We hope October not only brings candy but lots of forever families for the many other dogs in our program! Make sure to take a look at our available dogs on our website!

Don’t worry, we did not furr-get about our feline friends! In September of 2020, we were able to find forever homes for 20 cats and kittens in our program. (Trout and Nixie, not written on the board yet, were adopted out on September 30th!) Out of the 20 cats below, there are 12 that were able to go to a home with their bonded buddy or sibling! 💛

Thank YOU for making this paw-sible. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish in October! 🎃