Yappily Ever After: Max’s Happy Tail

From $10 to Priceless: Jaeger’s Second Chance at Life and Love Everlasting

In March of 2019, Jaeger (pictured above on the day we rescued him) was found by a good Samaritan living with a pack of dogs under a seemingly abandoned trailer. There was no food or water to be found. The passerby assumed the dogs to be homeless but left a note on the door of the trailer nonetheless. The owner of the trailer soon called and asked how much she would pay to take the dogs away. The passerby, short on funds but desperate to help, offered $40 for all 4 dogs. Ten measly dollars were deemed by Jaeger’s guardian–the one meant to keep and protect him always–to be a fair trade for his life.

When brought into the veterinarian’s office where the good Samaritan worked, Jaeger was found to have heartworms, loose teeth, a belly full of parasites, arthritis, Lyme disease and a body full of BBs from having been shot. When asked to help, Second Chance Pet Adoptions committed to treating and restoring Jaeger to his full mental and physical health. He has since been treated, healed–and adopted by Nicole and Greg! 














For the past eleven months, Jaeger, now Max, has been living his best life with his humans. His forever mom says, “We are so lucky that Max was rescued and his health was restored thanks to Second Chance Pet Adoptions. We were so lucky to find Max, who has been a big support during quarantine. He is my favorite coworker: he accompanies me to my job and works hard at napping under my desk. He also walked me down the aisle and laid by my side when we decided to elope on our apartment rooftop during the COVID-19 pandemic. We could not ask for a more cuddly, caring, sweet guy to share our home and lives with. Thank you for bringing him into our lives; he is just the best!”

Max has gotten his second chance thanks to our generous donors. He and all of the furry friends in our care are beyond grateful for the life you’ve given them!

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